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Luke Bryan and Wife Caroline Help Break Ground at Williamson Medical Center in Nashville

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT)

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline were among the Tennessee stars at today’s Williamson Medical Center groundbreaking ceremony. The center is undergoing a $200 million expansion, which is the largest since it opened in 1986.

NASCAR‘s Darrell Waltrip and a handful of elected officials were also at the event.

As reported by The Tennessean, hospital administrators decided to fund the project due to Williamson County’s exploding population. According to projections, the area, which lies just outside of Nashville, will likely jump from 250,000 residents today to 500,000 by 2040. And the building can’t currently house the influx. So the Williamson Medical Center will go through a multiphase expansion.

By the time the center is complete, it will have an expanded ER ward, remodeled rooms throughout, a larger West Tower with new floors, and a new north wing.

“In order for us to be the preferred provider for this area like our vision statement says, we really need to match the physical plans and the services with the DNA of this incredible staff we have,” said Williamson Medical Center CEO Phil Mazzuca. “We have the DNA already here. I don’t have to find it. We’ve got the compassionate care. ‘We don’t have to make it happen.'”

Caroline and Luke Bryan to Help Raise Funds for the Williamson Medical Center Project

In October, the Williamson County Commission allocated $150 million in bonds to help fund the project. The hospital will repay the money over the next 20 years, Mazzuca said.

Caroline and Luke Bryan will help the Williamson Medical Center raise the remaining $50 million through a capital campaign.

“This is where our children were born. This is where their doctors are. And this is where my doctors are,” Caroline said during a speech. “Anything from a routine visit to the ER visits, everybody is just fantastic, and watching this getting ready to expand is so needed. It’s time. It’s exciting.”

Caroline shared that her family will soon be moving to Franklin to be closer to the center. She also noted that her two rollicking sons have landed themselves in the ER a few too many times. And the staff has always taken great care of them. So she’s excited to help the hospital grow to ensure that other families can have the same experiences.

“We get to have a voice to make sure this is the best health care you could ever dream of,” Luke added.