Luke Bryan’s Wife Caroline Thought He Was ‘Some Drunk College Guy’ When They Met

by Chase Thomas

Every couple has their own special story. Sometimes, it is love at first sight. Other times, it is the furthest thing from that. There is no right way to meet your significant other, but first impressions do matter. Thankfully for country music star Luke Bryan, his first meeting with his now-wife Caroline did not disrupt their future together. Indeed, Caroline told Jockey in a new interview that it took a little bit for Luke to grow on her.

First Impressions For Luke & Wife Caroline Bryan

She said, “It took me a couple of days to realize that this was a real character.” Caroline continued, “This wasn’t just some drunk college guy, this is how he acts.” Luke is Luke. She just did not know him well enough yet to know that is just who he is, which she then fell in love with. His personality is contagious and she realized that is just who he is all the time.

Luke also offered his own perspective on their first meeting. He said, “The next morning I woke up and was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s who I’m going after right there.'” Bryan followed through with that thought. He went after Caroline and the two got married, and the rest is history.

In the interview, the couple also revealed who said “I love you” the first time between the two folks. Caroline revealed that it was indeed her who said it first. However, Luke also revealed that he wanted to say it first, but he was relieved when Caroline let the cat out of the bag first. It was a huge load off his shoulders because it was something he felt, too, but he had not said it out loud as of that moment.

Luke Bryan’s Family

Now, the couple has two sons. Bo and Tatum Bryan. The couple has been married for a long time. This means that their two children are growing up. Last month, Bo celebrated his 14th birthday. Both parents took to their personal Instagram pages to share sweet notes about their son.

Caroline wrote, “And just like that…he’s 14.” She continued, “My baby is officially bigger than me and won’t let me kiss him. You’ll always be my little “Bushwood Country Club Caddie”. I love you Bo!!! Ps…you should let me kiss you whenever I want. You and Tate wrecked my HooHa for life!”

Bryan wrote for his post, “Happy birthday Bo Bryan. 14 already. Time please slow down. I love you.”