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Luke Bryan’s Wife Introduces New Family Member

by Jacklyn Krol
Danielle Del Valle, Getty Images

Luke Bryan has a new family member!

The country crooner’s wife Caroline Bryan introduced their newest addition via social media. On Friday, October 15, Caroline showed the world their new feline companion. She ended up encountering the stray cat when she was driving on the highway and the cat was by itself by an exit.

“I might have caused a traffic jam at 8 am, but she was worth it,” she admitted. “Happy and healthy.”

The couple’s son, Tate, named her “Lucky Bob.” The cat is luckier that someone found her but also, from afar, she looked like a wild animal.

“She’s lucky to be alive and for about 3 minutes I thought I had rescued a baby bobcat,” she added. “She’s so sweet and we love her!”

See the sweet cat, below.

Lucky Bob is one of the numerous pets that Luke Bryan and Caroline own. In 2019, the Bryan family adopted an 18-year-old dog from a shelter. Poochie was only a part of the family for a brief time until he passed away. He got to experience love and all of the attention before he passed. The family most recently fostered another dog from the same rescue, who lived at Brett’s Barn until she found a permanent forever home.

Caroline founded Brett’s Barn, an animal sanctuary that provides animal therapy. They created the nonprofit in 2017 which was inspired by their late niece, Sadie Brett Boyer. The barn is home to various animal species like kangaroos, ponies, alpacas, among others. They are currently home to over 20 animals.

Luke Bryan on His Growing Pack

Luke Bryan spoke about his brood of animals during an appearance on  Live! With Kelly and Ryan.

As an American Idol judge, Bryan is friends with host Ryan Seacret. Seacrest spoke about visiting Bryan’s farm for the first time. He described it as an abundance of land with a pond and a stunning porch. He recalled the moment when a turkey strolled across him.

A new animal shows up, like, every day,” Bryan admitted. “We have donkeys, pot-bellied pigs, pet turkeys…it goes on and on and on. Llamas, miniature goats. All this miniature stuff.”

Luke Bryan is in the dark when it comes to how many animals they own. He also has no idea how much this all costs.

“I told my accountant, ‘Whatever you do, never let me see the bill for all these animals. I’ll be done,” he said with a laugh.

Aside from providing animal therapy to those in need, it has another mission. Sadie Brett passed away at seven months old due to Congenital Heart Disease complications. The foundation aims to spread awareness about the condition.