Luke Bryan Wraps Up Week Two of Proud to Be Right Here Tour With Founding Member of Bon Jovi

by Jacklyn Krol

Luke Bryan was able to perform with one of his favorite rockers.

On July 18, the country crooner completed the second week of his Proud To Be Right Here Tour in New Jersey. This marked his first concert tour since the pandemic in early 2020. He had a very special guest with him at the concert who took the stage with him. He shared photos from the epic collaboration on Twitter.

“Can’t imagine a better way to close out week 2. Thank you @dbdavidbryan of New Jersey’s own @BonJovi for joining me on stage for “Livin’ On A Prayer” #ProudToBeRightHereTour

David Bryan is the keyboardist and founding member of the band Bon Jovi.

 If you’re a regular at a Luke Bryan concert, you’ll know that he has included the cover in his set list for at least four years. He also performed the song on the American Idol Season 19 finale with contestant Casey Bishop to duet.

Back in 2014, Luke Bryan surprised his band with a spontaneous cover of another Bon Jovi classic. He was performing in Atlantic City when he busted out another hit to the delight of the crowd.

“So is this the pre-party, the now party, the after party or where in the hell is the after party is what I want to know” Bryan told the audience before singing a portion of “Wanted Dead or Alive.” 

“I’ve never even sang that song to anybody before” he revealed. “Hey do y’all know it? Does the band know it?” 

Apparently, his band and crew were all for it as he jumped off the piano and grabbed his guitar to finish the song. He then transitioned into his hit, “Do I.”

Luke Bryan’s Back to Back Tours

Following his Proud To Be Right Here Tour, Bryan will go back on the road. He will launch his 2021 Farm Tour for the twelfth time. He will visit six different farms across the United States between September 9 and 18.

“I left Georgia the son of a farmer, went and tackled the music business, and now, having my farm, it’s been a full-circle moment for me,” he told Outsider.

If one thing’s for sure, Luke Bryan has kept his country roots with him when he entered the music industry. He’s released countless songs about life on the farm like “Rain Is a Good Thing,” “Welcome to the Farm,” “Here’s to the Farmer,” and “Harvest Time.” Bryan knows firsthand how hard farming can be. He hopes that the events will help the farms and local communities.

“There’s been weeks where I left Gillette Stadium and went to a hayfield in Iowa,” Bryan added. “I feel like doing Farm Tour keeps me grounded in my roots. And nothing is more magical than being out on the farm, late September/early October when the weather’s changing. Really inspiring.”