Luke Bryan’s Family Celebrates His Niece Tying the Knot in Heartwarming Photos

by Jacklyn Krol
John Shearer, Getty Images

Luke Bryan celebrated his niece, Jordan Cheshire’s wedding.

On Sunday, September 6, the country singer’s niece tied the knot. Bryan’s wife, Caroline, shared photos from the occasion on her Instagram account.

“Happy wedding day Jordan!!!! I love any excuse to drive in a robe!!! Let’s do this!!! #eudyone @jordancheshire @clinteudy,” she captioned the post.

In one video we see Bryan drive up in his truck to give Caroline something. In the background of the video we hear someone say that it is Pepto. However, the next photo shows that he dropped off a bottle of Tito’s vodka.

In Instagram Stories, Caroline shared more behind the scenes action. She was on hand to help pick out the gown at The White Magnolia bridal boutique. The event apparently took place at The Coach House.

Cheshire and her now husband Clint Eudy have been together since February 2015. Both of them live in Leesburg, Georgia, which is Luke Bryan’s hometown.

In December 2020, Cheshire shared her engagement announcement.

“Woke up this morning a fiancé!!! @clinteudy I cannot wait to MARRY you,” she wrote via Instagram on Dec. 23. “I love you so much.”

Luke Bryan on Family Life

Firstly, Luke Bryan’s brood is one big happy family. They hunt, fish, (and lovin’ every day) together on a regular basis. Although some of the kids are now grown up, they still make time for get togethers as a family.

“We get to live with Kelly through her children,” Bryan told People. “And we see so many things in her children that remind us of her.”

In 2007, Bryan’s sister Kelly and the mother of Jordan, Kris, and Til passed away. In 2014, her father Ben passed away from a heart attack. Luke and Caroline adopted Til and he moved in with the family. Last year he went to college at the University of Georgia where he is now a sophomore.

Additionally, Bryan considers himself an “uncle and friend and hopefully a glimpse of a father-like example” to Til.

Meanwhile, Bryan gives Jordan and Kris “somewhat of a place to call home.” They regularly reunite for holidays and vacations.

“When you plan a trip to the beach or going snow skiing, then hey, you gotta have a spot for the kids and their boyfriends or girlfriends, and we all load up. And that’s the fun of it,” Bryan said.

Futhermore, the wedding was sure to be a “bittersweet” moment. Christmastime is also “very emotional” for the family.

“As a family, we really try to do good to just remember the beauty of the people we lost and not dwell on the fact that they’re not in our lives daily,” he concluded.