Luke Bryan’s Mom ‘Got Off Track’ While Shopping With His Credit Card

by Joe Rutland

We guess that when you are Luke Bryan‘s mom that you can get away with something like this. But getting off track while shopping? With his credit card? Um OK. His mother’s name is LeClaire and she just might have some spending problems. There are organizations that can help people out with issues. Still, we don’t know if this is a one-time thing or something that Luke Bryan‘s mom does all the time.

Luke Bryan’s Mom Apparently Loves To Shop With Son’s Card

Well, all this situation that cropped up comes down to is LeClaire, Luke Bryan’s mom, going out for some shopping. It appears that she did so for him. And it got out of hand.

She went on Instagram to let people see what she bought. Obviously, some people want to know what Luke Bryan‘s mom bought. Luke sent her to the store with his credit card. Oh boy, nothing could go wrong there, eh?

So, for the Instagram post’s video, we see LeClaire leaning on the back bumper of an SUV. This car is packed to the gills with plants and patio cushions. It looks like a lot of stuff, for sure. Upon commenting about those purchases, LeClaire is happy about them.

This Is Not The First Time LeClaire Has Used It At All

“This is what happens when Luke gives me his credit card to go to Publix,” she says with a big smile. “I got off track… I got big off track.” There you go. She’s done this type of thing before.

Let’s take a look at another situation involving Luke Bryan’s mom and her son’s credit card. It was just before her son’s Las Vegas residency started. Bryan talked about his concern over Mom’s spending habits. We get more about this situation from Taste of Country.

“What’s the big shopping center out here? Crystals and all that? Yeah, my credit card will be in flames come Friday,” he joked with Good Morning America. OK, well Mom is going to have more time on her hands to shop.

Luke Bryan will be on the road for his Raised Up Right Tour. It runs from June 9 through Oct. 28. We don’t know if LeClaire will appear in a town where her son is playing. Speaking of playing and Las Vegas, old Luke enjoys some gambling.

“I always have fun gambling,” Bryan said. “I’m not a big, ‘Go out there and get all stressed out’ about gambling. If you’re around me gambling, I just like to make some fun bets, smoke a cigar, drink a beer, high-five my buddies, cut up with the pit bosses and the dealers.”