Luke Bryan’s Wife Details Hilarious Thanksgiving Cooking Fail

by Liz Holland

Cooking fails are inevitable on a day like Thanksgiving. Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline took to social media yesterday to share her comedic kitchen catastrophe with the world.

Home Cooking Gone Wrong

In a short and sweet video shared to her instagram page, Luke Bryan’s wife shows a pan of what appears to be a rice-based dish. She then pans to show the inside of her oven where most of the dish ends up, pooling at the bottom. In the video, the country star’s companion says, “This is what happens when I say I’ll cook something on Thanksgiving. That whole thing, I did that.” The blonde then shares a photo of the aftermath to her Instagram story with a caption that reads, “Cheers to our two hour clean tomorrow.”

Bryan’s Family Thanksgiving

Fortunately, it appears not all of the Bryans’ family day was doomed. Yesterday, singer Luke Bryan also shared how he spends his holiday via his social media channels. In an Instagram post shared to the singers’ official account, the country star enjoys some fresh oysters and sips his Two-Lane beer. 

A Bryan Made Beer

Two-lane, a beer created by Bryan himself, hit shelves last year. According to the website designated for the brand, “Country music star, Luke Bryan, wanted a smooth sippin’ beer with a satisfying taste to enjoy when kicking back at home with friends and family. Inspired by these moments, he collaborated to create Two Lane American Golden Lager, a modern take on an easy-to-enjoy beer.”

The beer can be purchased online and delivered if you live in Virginia. Otherwise, check your local liquor store shelves if you live in one of these states: Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Tradition Trumps All

Although Caroline Bryan may not always go for the kitchen on Thanksgiving, the respect the family holds for the holiday is obvious. Shared in an Instagram video post on Thanksgiving in 2020, Luke Bryan wishes his fans a safe and happy holiday.

Bryan sits by the side of a sunny lake in the video, saying, “Hey ya’ll it’s Luke here coming at you from the banks of the Flint river and what a crazy year we’ve had. 2020 has just been really challenging certainly for everybody involved. I’m just letting you guys know to have a happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving — I hope you’re with your family and I hope you can make the most out of this Thanksgiving.” Reminding fans of his beer brand, Bryan continues on to say, “When I’m down here on the Flint river, I kind of make the most out of it with a Two Lane — and we love ya’ll. Happy Thanksgiving.”