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Luke Combs’ Wins Big at Billboard Awards After Not Feeling ‘Like One of the Cool Kids’

by Jacklyn Krol
Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Luke Combs not only took home the Top Country Artist honor at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards but also gave an epic performance.

His Performance

The country crooner took the stage at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday (October 13). He performed an emotional rendition of “Better Together.” The stage was a far cry from his typical concert. The stage only had Combs, a microphone stand, pianist, and piano.

Actress Jane Lynch presented his performance and also revealed that he won the Top Country Artist award. Country music fans went wild for his performance on social media and praised him for his ballad and win.

After his performance rehearsals, he spoke with Stage Right Secrets and other media outlets about his performance. “It’s just me and a piano, which is a little bit different than I think people are used to seeing me and the guys” he shared.

“It’s been a weird year for everybody I think. And not getting to play has been stressful. But just being able to be out here regardless [of if there is an audience],” Combs said. He noted that he would love a live audience more but he would take “any chance to get out there.”

What Luke Combs Had to Say

Combs was also nominated for Top Male Country Artist and Top Country Album for What You See Is What You Get.

“I think being a country artist sometimes you can feel like you’re not one of the cool kids a little bit sometimes,” he admitted. “It’s really great to be here and obviously it’s a little bit different this year because it’s all really new.”

Combs said that he was honored to just be nominated. “Having the chance to win is really great, and I know people say that a lot but I just try to enjoy it while I’m here and not try to focus on stuff that’s out of my control.”

He accepted the award and thanked his wife, team, and the crew that put on this awards show.