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Luke Combs Bags Impressive Antelope on Hunt With ‘MeatEater’ Star Steve Rinella

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Luke Combs teamed up with MeatEater star Steve Rinella to take down an impressively sized buck. The two went hunting together in Wyoming, having some laughs along the way.

Rinella posted the picture of the two to Instagram. Both were dressed in their hunting gear. The two proud hunters posed next to their kill in the open lands of Wyoming.

Rinella wrote, “Got this nice buck in Wyoming while running around with [Luke Combs]. We laughed our a–es off and had some great stalks. He’s a d–n fine gentleman.”


Luke Combs loves to hunt

If his past social media posts are anything to go by, then Combs loves to hunt. The country singer will sometimes post about wanting to go hunting. He has even compared it to songwriting as one of his passions. He especially seems to love turkey hunting. In 2018, Combs teamed with fellow singer Luke Bryan to take down a large turkey.

“We ended up going, and we got one! We must have been hunting for five or six hours, just driving around,” Combs told Country Countdown USA. “He’s a great guy, he gave me a lot of great advice, and we listened to a ton of great songs.  Just demos of different people’s tunes. I love doing that.  Just threw tunes back and forth. It was a decent drive down there. It was cool to pick his brain about stuff. We talked about what old music we love.  It was awesome.  Lot of music, lot of hunting, it was a cool day.”

Meanwhile, Rinella has shared with viewers the joys of hunting since 2012. The outdoorsman has hosted the show MeatEater for eight seasons on Netflix. Through the show, Rinella has hunted various animals across several different countries. He’s hunted red stag in New Zealand as well as elk in Montana and wild pigs in California. The show also focuses on conservation through hunting and meal preparation.