Luke Combs Belting ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’ in Rowdy App State Locker Celebration Is Must-See Entertainment

by Clayton Edwards

College football is back and fans across the country couldn’t be more excited. Fans at one game cheered so loud that their voices registered on the Richter scale. So, you could say things are off to a great start. Although, it has been a better week for some fans than others. For instance, Luke Combs got to kick off the college football season in the best way possible. He watched his alma mater take home a big win. Then, he celebrated that W with them in the locker room after the game.

Last Thursday, North Carolina’s Appalachian University Mountaineers opened their season with a 14-point win over the East Carolina Pirates. Then, they celebrated their win with App State alum Luke Combs. The team’s Instagram account posted a video of the raucous celebration last night. Check it out below.

The first part of the video shows various players celebrating after the game. Then, we can see Luke Combs sitting atop the shoulders of a couple of App State players. Before he and the entire locker room start to belt out his chart-topping hit, Combs says, “I’m gonna do it. I want y’all to sing it with me. Alright?”

College football and live music have one major thing in common. They clear the way for common ground. As fans, fueled by passion, we exchange all of our differences for a brief communal experience. In those sacred moments, we’re all as one. However, that is never more clear than when the two combine as they did in the App State locker room last week.

Luke Combs Belting with the Mountaineers

The sheer power of all those voices and the excitement behind them do some horrible things to the audio. However, it might be the best rendition of the “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” ever recorded. Even through a screen, separated by time and distance, you can feel the energy in the room as they sing together. The passion Luke Combs has for his alma mater and his excitement for the moment are clear in his voice and on his face. It’s as if Combs and the App State team concentrated all the energy of a live show into a single song in that Bank of America Stadium locker room. It is, in a word, electrifying.

Before Luke Combs decided to pursue a career in the music business, he attended Appalachian State University. In fact, he said in a recent tweet that he taught himself how to play guitar and wrote his first song there.

Two days after celebrating with the Mountaineers, Luke Combs returned to their home city. He packed the Kidd Brewer Stadium in a show that he said was, “a long time in the making.”