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Luke Combs Reveals Intimate Details About 5 Newly Released Tracks

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

In an excellent tell-all interview with RADIO.COM, country megastar Luke Combs delves deep into the meaning behind his new album & songs.

Luke Combs is on a roll. The New York Times declares him “the most promising and influential new country star of the last five years.” In addition, he’s become a multi-platinum Billboard Music Awards artist.

All this aside, however, Combs remains humble in his music and for his fans. Revealing all to RADIO.COM, the Asheville, NC, native isn’t holding anything back.

Luke Combs Dives Into New Songs for RADIO.COM

Speaking to RADIO.COM, Luke Combs goes in depth for his favorites of the new songs:

“Featuring all 18 songs from the record, which spent over 25 weeks at number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, the new release has some new tracks for fans to raise a glass to: “Better Together,” “Cold As You,” “Forever After All,” “My Kinda Folk,” “The Other Guy,” and “Without You.”

The Other Guy

“‘The Other Guy,’ Luke explains, “was a song that I wrote probably three and a half years ago… with Brendon Kinney and Rob Williford. When it came down to make this ‘Deluxe,’ it was just a song that I had always thought was great and it had always just been in this kind of state of limbo where somebody was gonna do it. So, I figured I would just do it.”

Without You

“‘Without You’ is a song that I wrote probably a year and a half ago in the mountains of North Carolina with Wyatt Durrett and Dan Isbell. I always wanted to, along with ‘This One’s For You,’ have a song that lets everyone know how appreciative I am of where I am,” Luke says humbly. “The first verse is about my parents, and the second verse is about my wife, and the third verse is about you, the fans.”

Better Together

“Better Together,” Combs says, was written “in the mountains of North Carolina” three years ago with songwriters Dan Isbell and Randy Montana. “We started there, people had always loved it,” says Luke. “We ended up recording it and going with a very stripped-down production of just me and a piano and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.”

Cold As You

In addition, Combs details the inspiration behind three more of his favorites.

“‘Cold As You,’ I wrote this with two of the same guys I wrote ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’ with,” he says. “I think it’s very similar. The idea was actually Shane Minor’s idea, he’s a really awesome guy and was willing to let me, and Jonathan (Singleton), and Randy (Montana) kind of take a little bit of a start that he had and run with it. Super pumped that I have another kick-a** song with two of my favorite guys and one of my new buddies, Shane Minor.”

Forever After All

This one, however, is really special to Combs. The artist wrote this one at home in Tennessee.

“‘Forever After All’ is the first song that I wrote in my house in Tennessee,” says Luke. “I wrote it with Rob Williford and Drew Parker. It’s one of those songs that we’ve been trying to hold back for a long time, and not play. We knew how much we loved it and how much we thought people would like it. So I’m glad that everybody’s finally gonna get a chance to hear it. It’s just kind of a continuance of the love story that you hear in ‘Beautiful Crazy’ and ‘Better Together.’”

My Kinda Folk

“‘My Kinda Folk’ is an idea that, actually, my guitar tech brought to me,” Combs admits. “He had started it with my friend Dan Isbell and sent it my way. JD is his name, Jamie Davis. Him and Dan came out here with one of my utility players, Dustin Nunley and Ray Fulcher was living down the street at that time so he walked up. The five of us finished the song and it’s probably one of my favorite songs that we’ve ever done.”


Listen to Combs New Record Here

It’s been a fantastic ride of late for Combs, too. The country star just shotgunned a beer with Brooks & Dunn on national television, as well, and even he is surprised.

And if that’s not enough to keep him riding high, fans are absolutely losing it over this new album. What You See Ain’t Always What You Get is live now on your favorite steaming platforms.