Luke Combs Celebrates ‘Good Work’ of Up-And-Coming Country Artist Elvie Shane

by Katie Maloney

Luke Combs told new country artist, Elvie Shane, to keep up the “good work,” on Twitter.

Combs took to Twitter to get fans excited about a possible collaboration with Ford. The Tweet said, “This is going to sound crazy, but y’all hear me out… What if I teamed up with Ford to give away a 2021 F-150?”

Artist Elvie Shane replied joking, “I’m cool with it as long as it ends up in my driveway…” To which Combs was quick to encourage Shane. Combs replies, “You keep writing and releasing songs as good as “My Boy” and you’ll be able to buy any damn truck there is. Keep up the good work bud.”

Luke Combs See’s Star Potential in Elvie Shane

The song Luke Combs refers to in his Tweet, “My Boy,” is a definite tearjerker. Shane debuted the song in September and fans have been listening (with tissues handy) ever since. During the song, Shane sings about the strength of a stepfather’s love. He sings, “I wasn’t there for his first steps but I ain’t missed a ball game yet. And that ain’t ever gonna change. I could never walk away. Yeah, he’s my son and that’s my choice. He ain’t my blood but he’s my, he’s my boy.”

“My Boy” Is Based On Shane’s Life As A Stepfather

The song is based on his own life. Shane frequently shares photos on social media of his wife, Mandy, and “his boy” – 14-year-old stepson, Caleb. Shane says that he met his wife during a “low point” in his life. “She had this little boy, and I needed a reason, more of a purpose in life, and I thought maybe we could just make this a family.” The two married after dating for 11 months. Several years later he wrote his break-through hit, “My Boy.” The song was number one on TikTok’s Country chart with well over 775 million uses of #MyBoy and more than 1.5 million streams in the USA alone.