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WATCH: Luke Combs Kicks Off the CMT Artists of the Year Awards With ‘Forever After All’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

The 2021 CMT Artists of the Year Awards got off to a great start on Wednesday, Oct. 13, thanks to Luke Combs.

The 31-year-old country music star kicked off the awards ceremony in Nashville, Tennesse, with a performance of one of his most popular songs.

For this performance, Luke Combs took the stage in typical Luke Combs fashion. He wore a baseball cap and a his signature PFG shirt. He walked up to the microphone on the CMT Artists of the Year Awards stage with confidence and began to sing.

“A cold beer’s got 12 ounces / A good truck’s got maybe three hundred thousand,” he started. Those lyrics, of course, are the opening words of his love song, “Forever After All.”

You can watch Luke Combs perform “Forever After All” during the CMT Artists of the Year Awards below. It’s a performance you don’t want to miss!

It’s a love song that stands the test of time. It’s a song about finding happiness and comfort in the little moments of the life you share with someone.

“They say nothing lasts forever / But they ain’t seen us together / Or the way the moonlight dances in your eyes / Just a t-shirt in the kitchen / With no make-up and a million / Other things that I could look at my whole life / A love like that makes a man have second thoughts / Maybe some things last forever after all,” Luke Combs sings.

“Forever After All” is just another one of the singer’s songs that connects with fans. It’s a song that hits you right in the heart – especially if you know what it’s like to look at someone and feel the connection and enduring love that Luke Combs is singing about in that song. No wonder it is such a big hit.

Luke Combs Recently Dropped Another Love Song That’s Sure to Be a Hit

If you enjoy the Luke Combs hit “Forever After All,” chances are you will also enjoy his new song “The Kind of Love We Make.”

Combs dropped the song during early October 2021. The song had been unreleased for some time. Lucky for his fans, the country music star posted a performance of the new love song on YouTube. Joining Combs in creating “The King of Love We Make” were The Brothers Hunt, Dustin Nunley, and Jamie Davis.

At the start of the video performance, Combs explained the track. “Written a ton of songs over the last year and a half. Here’s one I wrote with The Brothers Hunt, Jamie Davis, and Dustin Nunley. It’s called ‘The Kind of Love We Make,'” Luke Combs said.

The song includes the lyrics, “We’ve been burnin’ both ends / Keepin’ the lights on / Cuz I’ve been thinkin’ we need / A little time alone / Whatcha say we cancel our plans / Tonight I’m only gonna be your man.”