Luke Combs Debuts New ‘Cold as You’ Music Video, Hints at ‘Lots of Easter Eggs’

by Shelby Scott

Country singer Luke Combs has quickly become one of country music’s most iconic modern voices since his debut with the hit song, “Hurricane.” Released in 2017, the song became Combs’ first No. 1, and since, he’s released hit after hit. Interestingly, the music video for his latest hit, “Cold As You,” not only serves as a throwback to “Hurricane.” It also sneaks in a handful of easter eggs only dedicated Luke Combs fans will notice.

Before you read on, check out the video below and see if you can spot any of them.

The song is super catchy and you probably couldn’t help but sing along. However, we hope you Outsiders caught at least one of the video’s hidden gems. If not, we’ll go ahead and spoil it for you.

Thanks to Music Mayhem, we were able to locate all the hidden eggs for your viewing pleasure.

One of the easiest finds is the clock that appears when Combs details the “neon 5 o’clock broke clock” in “Cold As You.” If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the clock is exactly what the song claims it is. Another one reveals itself when the “bartender” tells the man in the video, “I’ve seen guys like you in here before. You’re not the only Lonely One.”

And for Luke Combs fans, you’ll know exactly where that phrase comes from. It’s the title of one of his other hit songs, “Lonely One.” And that bartender in the video? That’s actually the artist‘s mother, Rhonda.

Additionally, you can click here to check out the rest of the not-so-obvious easter eggs. However, some of the most prevalent pertain to “Hurricane” itself. When the music video begins, we can just hear the opening chords for “Hurricane.” It also boasts the same actor and actress from the earlier video. Clearly, “Hurricane” plays a huge part in the “Cold As You” video. Regardless, the artist was sure to include references and clips from other hit songs.

Luke Combs’ Consistent Success Makes Him a Modern Country Icon

Luke Combs frequently puts out music detailing a wide variety of country music themes and values. From heartbreak to hangovers, Combs’ music has it all and country fans can’t help but adore him. Since 2017, he’s released 11 songs that have climbed their way to the top of the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Additionally, his debut album, This One’s For You, sat at the top of Billboard‘s Top Country Albums chart for almost an entire year. So, millennial country fans turn to icons such as George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Reba McEntire to name a few. However, it appears Luke Combs strives to achieve those same goals later down the line.

During a recent episode of “The Marty Smith Podcast,” Combs revealed his drive to be one of the best, if not the best, in country music.

Overall, Luke Combs is nevertheless a humble guy. However, his taste of contemporary fame and desire to be the best and biggest is what drives him now. He shared, “I don’t have this ego that goes, ‘I have to be the biggest guy and the best guy all the time.’ I don’t. Do I want to be? For sure.”