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Luke Combs Debuts New Collaboration with Crocs

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Jason Kempin / Staff/ Getty Images)

It’s a match made in redneck heaven. Luke Combs has teamed up with Crocs once again to debut the LC3s. Like the newest version of the iPhone, but for footwear, we feel inclined to buy them.

This version of the limited-edition Luke Combs Crocs will be lined with fuzz for comfort but will feature a white shoe with a black skull for style. The skull also has a beard and baseball hat.

The design can be seen on the back of Combs’ tour bus as well. However, they check the marks for Halloween spirit and cozy during these chilly nights that will only get colder.

The clogs will debut on November 10 at noon, so cancel your plans. However, if you are a fan club member, called Bootleggers, Combs announced they would get first dibs the day before.

Remember when you would decorate your new crocs with all sorts of charms, called jibbitz. Well, don’t worry, the LC3s have their own jibbitz that come with. They include a gray dog bone with the name Jojo on it for Comb’s pooch, a Gibson guitar, some cowboy boots, his tour bus, a road case, and one that says “Luke Combs” as if anyone won’t know who collaborated to make these.

Previous Luke Combs Crocs

The LC2s were a camo clog (every father’s dream), called the Bootlegger Slides. They came out this past summer and flew off the shelves in a matter of no time. Before that came the LC1 clogs, which were wood grain.

Combs announced the collaboration yesterday on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Crocs posted about the new merchandise on their accounts, as well.

It has not yet been reported how much a pair of these fuzzy limited-edition clogs will set you back, but the previous LC1 and LC2s went for roughly $40 to $60. If you want to own one of the classics, though, you should be willing to drop anywhere from $200 to over $1,000 for a resold pair.

To say these will be a big deal is an understatement.

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