Luke Combs Debuts New Song ‘Joe’ at Grand Ole Opry

by Will Shepard

Luke Combs is brimming with talent. He is one of country music’s most talented artists right now. It almost seems like he could sing the phone book, and it would go platinum.

Nonetheless, on the weekend of April 24, Luke Combs performed at the Grand Ole Opry. During the performance, he gave the audience a look at his new song, “Joe.” This is a song that the country music star has been working on for a while now. Luke Combs had not yet released the song but decided to share it with fans anyways. As many fans of his will know, he has made it a habit to showcase a song before its official release. Another song, like “Joe,” that he performed before releasing it to the public was “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old.”

“A while ago, my buddy Erik Dylan played me a song that he had started with a guy named James Slater. I thought it was real awesome, so we finished it the other day,” Luke Comes wrote in a tweet. “I guess the title of this song would be called “Joe.” Let me know what you think.”

The country music superstar puts his storytelling ability to the test with this new song. “Joe” is a different kind of drinking song than what his fans are typically used to. The song details a story about recovering from alcoholism and working yourself back to good standing.

Luke Combs’s ‘Forever After All’ Music Video Used Shots Of His Wedding Day

Luke Combs got married to his long-time girlfriend Nicole recently. After the wedding concluded, he decided to use some of the day’s incredible footage to make a music video for his song, “Forever After All.”

The song is about spending your life learning that love doesn’t last. However, it goes on to say that you can meet someone who can prove that completely wrong. During the song, Combs sings, “They say nothing lasts forever. But they ain’t seen us together. Or the way the moonlight dances in your eyes. Just a t-shirt in the kitchen. With no make-up and a million other things that I could look at my whole life. A love like that makes a man have second thoughts. Maybe some things last forever after all.”

Luke Combs released the music video for “Forever After All” a few days ago. The video begins with a little girl asking her grandfather if fairy tales are real. The grandfather then takes out a photo album to show her their family’s history of love.

Next, the video moves into clips of his wedding day. In an interview, the country star talked about the meaning behind the song. It is enough to make anyone tear up.

“It’s the first song that I wrote in me and my wife’s house together in Tennessee,” Luke Combs said. “And I felt like we were taking the next step in our relationship, and I wanted to get that down on paper.”

He also noted that it’s just the continuation of a love story that his fans have already heard from him. He told people that it’s a song that he was trying to not play for a long time.

The singer continued, “And we knew how much we loved it and how much we thought people would like it. So I’m glad that everyone’s finally going to get a chance to hear it. And it’s just a continuance of the love story that all of you have heard in ‘Beautiful Crazy’ and ‘Better Together.’ So, you all enjoy it.”