Luke Combs Delivers Heartfelt Thanks to Boone, NC After Playing at Appalachian State Football Stadium

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Country music star Luke Combs took to social media to give his thanks to the city who helped him become the man that he is today.

It was definitely a long time coming for all fans of country music out there. But on Saturday, September 4, Luke Combs made his way to Boone, North Carolina — the home of Appalachian State University — to put on a concert for a city that he knows all too well. After all, the country star and Gand Ole Opry member was once a student at the university. He even worked as a bouncer at a bar before gaining stage time and hitting the big time.

Combs’ very first country music show was at Parthenon Cafe. And with less than a month left in his senior year of college, Combs dropped out to pursue his country music career. He later, of course, moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and the rest from that point is simply history.

Luke Combs Concert Was Postponed Twice

Fast forward to Saturday, there were more than 32,000 people who were expected to make their way to Kidd Brewer Stadium to see Luke Combs perform. Combs himself said that this show, specifically, was a long time in the making. It had originally been scheduled for May 2, 2020, but was postponed thanks to COVID-19 social distancing measures that were put in place. It was then moved to May 1, 2021, before ultimately being pushed back again, this time to September 4.

“This show was a long time in the making for me,” Combs announced on Twitter. “I attended college at @appstate. I taught myself to play guitar 10 years ago in Boone, NC, and wrote the first song that I ever wrote here. And on September 4, 2021, I played my first stadium show in that same town.”

“It’s hard to believe,” he wrote in a follow-up tweet. “Thank you, Boone, NC! I will never forget this day as long as I live.”

Meanwhile, it has been a long time coming for not just Luke Combs, but for his fans as well. But the wait was well worth it for those from the Boone area.

“Born and raised not far from Boone,” one fan replied on Twitter. “You’re a hometown boy, but I love your music and sound more than that. Congrats on your success and hope to hear you for years to come.”

“Thank you for wat you have done for this university and this town,” another follower expressed. “Forever grateful!! The show was phenomenal and more than we could have ever hoped for! You are just an amazing human being! Thanks for the great memories!”

“I bet full circle feels nice. Congrats Luke. You’re a good hearted man and one hell of a musician.”