Luke Combs Delivers an Unwavering Look as He Posts His New ‘Profile Pic’

by Jonathan Howard

When he isn’t out performing live or writing new music, Luke Combs keeps a modest profile on social media. From the occasional thank you or post about upcoming shows, Combs keeps things chill. Recently, he uploaded a new profile pic to Twitter featuring a signature look.

With a stoic face in front of a woodsy background, Combs poses in a very familiar fit. A red Columbia fishing shirt with a cap on his head. The hat features a Miller Lite logo and a pheasant among some grass on a camo pattern. Of course, his beard is in full effect and he has a little bling on with the gold watch on his left wrist.

Down in the replies, the North Carolina native got a message from the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers like the picture, but thought it was missing a little something. “Just need some panthers blue in there and it’d be perfect,” the account said. Perhaps the blue would bring out his eyes a bit more?

Combs doesn’t post too much on social media so an update like this is always welcomed by his fans. Not much for being flashy online, a simple picture in a Miller hat is all he needs to post.

Luke Combs Still Skyrocketing

Over the course of the year, Luke Combs has continued to be successful. As one of the genre’s brightest young stars, he has received a lot of praise from fans and other artists alike. His efforts have been noticed by the Academy of Country Music, Country Music Television, and Music Row Awards to name a few.

While Combs has ridden a lot of success, he has thanked others for making his pathway possible. Recently he had mentioned Chris Stapleton. Combs said that Stapleton helped Nashville “snap out” of the traditional view on artists when speaking with Outsider’s Marty Smith.

As far as Stapleton is concerned, the proof is in the pudding. Country music in the 2000s was clean-shaven and not so rough around the edges. Stapleton and other artists have brought back a rough, emotional, soulful sound that has been missing from the genre for a while. For artists like Combs, unconventional in looks and sound, opportunities were opened up by those older artists.

“He [Chris Stapleton] just got that opportunity and everybody saw him and so many people love him,” Combs said about the situation. “I think he definitely kicked the door open for someone to go, ‘Look at this guy…'”

The alternative country movement is fully underway and artists like Luke Combs are leading the way to make it the mainstream. Right now, he is the one kicking down doors for the next generation of artists like Stapleton did for him. The next big thing is just on the horizon, we just haven’t seen it yet.