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Luke Combs’ ‘Does to Me:’ Story Behind Epic Track with Eric Church

by Jacklyn Krol
Frank Hoensch, Redferns Getty Images

How did Luke Combs and Eric Church‘s “Does to Me” duet come about?

What Luke Combs Had to Say

Combs and Church collaborated on the relatable song about an “underachieving average joe.” The song tells the story of how someone can be proud of something that may seem minor to others but means the world to yourself.

The “My Kinda Folk” singer told The Boot about how the song was created and how Church ended up on the track. When Combs wrote the song in 2016, he believed that he hadn’t done anything in his life that he thought people would think is cool.

“There are these little things that, to anyone else, might seem super insignificant,” he said of the song’s main message. “But they’re things that I’m really proud of. He added that there is nothing wrong with being proud of something even if you feel that it’s insignificant, like a B on a test.

“I think my life has been a series of those kinds of things,” he admitted. “Before I started doing this: things that I really tried hard at, but I just wasn’t very good at. I’m still proud that I did them. I’m still proud at trying to be better at those things.”

Combs believes Church gravitated towards the idea of the song. However, he did not reveal how he approached him with the track.

“We’re both from the same part of the country, the same state; we went to the same school,” he continued. “I think, at the end of the day, we have a lot of the same values about music and touring. There were just a lot of things that lined up. So I really wanted him to like the song.”

All About the Track

“Does to Me” is off of Combs’ second studio album, What You See Is What You Get. He co-wrote the track with frequent collaborators, Ray Fulcher and Tyler Reeve. Combs later revealed via Twitter that the trio joked that Church would cut the song. At the time of the song’s creation, they had never met him or had contact with him. At the end of the day, it still ended up in his lap, just years later.

See the tweet, below.