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Luke Combs Emphatically Responds to Flatland Calvary’s Recent Request: ‘Bring it On Boys’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Country music star Luke Combs recently made a shout out on social media to the fast-rising country band out of Texas, Flatland Calvary.

Last December, Combs called on Flatland Cavalry to perform as one of the openers for his show at San Antonio’s 18,000-capacity AT&T Center. It was an incredible opportunity for the Texas country band on one of the biggest stages of their career.

The Flatland Calvary official Twitter account made note of last year’s event in a tweet on Tuesday afternoon. They also posted behind-the-scenes footage from the show for the fans and followers to see.

“We had the honor to open up for Luke Combs a year ago today at a SOLD OUT @attcenter. Here is some footage from that day. Let’s do it again, @lukecombs?”

Combs replied to the up-and-coming band just a few hours later. “Bring it on boys! Let’s do it,” Combs wrote on Twitter.

Opening for arguably the biggest star in country music at the time, Flatland Calvary knew they had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in their hands. It was without a doubt the biggest crowd they have ever performed in front of, according to the Lincoln Journal-Star.

“We rehearsed over the last month and kind of got ourselves mentally prepared,” Cordero said of the band’s performance. “But when you go out there, it’s something you couldn’t have known what it would be like until you’re there. At that point, you don’t have time to be nervous, you’ve just got to play.

They made the most it. They ran through a set that included their version of the John Denver hit, “Country Roads.”

“Hearing that many people screaming along to the words of that song is kind of overwhelming,” Cordero said. “It’s bizarre, you can feel it on your skin.”

Luke Combs and Flatland Calvary May Team Up Again Soon

By the sounds of Combs’ tweet, he is excited about the chance to team up with Flatland Calvary for another performance. Not that Combs needs help selling any tickets, but having one of the fastest-rising bands in the industry as part of the show certainly doesn’t hurt.

Flatland Cavalry consists of bandleader and chief lyricist Cleto Cordero, guitarist Reid Dillon, bassist Jonathan Saenz, drummer Jason Albers, and their newest member, fiddle player Wesley Hall. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had been touring across the country after honing their craft and voice in the music boomtown of Lubbock, Texas. 

Per their website, Cordero says his style takes inspiration from the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival along with Texas legends, Robert Earl Keen, Randy Rogers, George Strait, Pat Green, and Alan Jackson. Last year, Flatland Calvary released their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Homeland Insecurity.

“We’re all just out of college, we’re in our mid-twenties. We’re all told growing up that by the time you’re out of school, you’ll have it all figured out, but that’s not really how it is. You’re still out there trying to find yourself,” Cordero says about the album. “It’s not a jump into adult life. That’s a facade and outright lie. Life doesn’t happen that way. You don’t turn 25 and become a fully-formed person. Rather, Homeland Insecurity finds Flatland exploring the anxieties, unsureness, growth, resilience, falters, fear, maturation, and eventual lessons learned as you grow older.”

Depending on when their next collaboration takes place, there may not be 18,000 fans singing along at the next show. However, fans will no doubt still hear the same blend of country, folk, and rock music that has helped propel Flatland Calvary to prominence in the country music industry.