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Luke Combs Explains How Unique Road to Success ‘Affects’ Amount of ‘Respect’ Fans Have for Him

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jason Kempin/CMT2020/Getty Images for CMT)

Luke Combs is a staple of modern country music. However, he hasn’t been around for long. In fact, he dropped his first EP in 2014. His first full-length album dropped on June 2, 2017. That record went to the top of Billboard’s Country Albums chart and lived there for fifty straight weeks. In just four short years, Combs has amassed the kind of success that people work decades for.

However, no one handed Luke Combs his success on a silver platter. Instead, he had to grind for it for just over a decade. That grind changed his outlook on several things. At the same time, it gained him the respect of fans as well as fellow artists.

Combs talked about that in his recent appearance on The Marty Smith Podcast.

Luke Combs Knows that Respect Comes from Hard Work

When Marty Smith asked Combs who told him he had to go to Nashville, Combs said he just knew it was time. So, he pulled up stakes and moved to Music City.

At that time, Combs said that he covered all aspects of his business. “I was the manager, the booking agent, booking all the hotel rooms…” on top of playing the shows. So, that gave him some perspective on the logistics of the music business.

Combs said that he really started thinking about this after a recent stint in New York. While on the way to the golf course, a runner asked him, “Did you actually grind it out or are you one of these guys that move to Nashville and you just get on these big tours?”

 “It made me realize that is a thing that does happen,” Combs said. He clarified, adding that many times a new artist will move to Nashville and someone in power will like them. As a result, they get a stack of good songs to cut and spot on a big tour. That’s not how Luke did it. However, he doesn’t think less of those that did. “Dude, I don’t take anything away from those folks. If I would have had that opportunity, I would have taken it, too.”

However, doing things the way he did changed Luke Combs’ mindset. About this, he said, “It changes the people that you root for, the people that you want to bring on tour with you. I think it affects those things.”

He has “a lot more respect,” for people who had to grind for their success. At the same time, he finds himself drawn to those artists. However, it’s not because he has a lack of respect for those on the other side of things. “If you grew up farming,” Combs says, making a fair comparison, “you have a lot more respect for farmers than somebody that didn’t grow up farming.”

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