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Luke Combs Gifts Custom Bar Cart to Ashley McBryde: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for ACM)

If you’re friends with Luke Combs then you might get some cool gifts. Especially if you are his opening act like Ashley McBryde.

McBryde has played lots of shows with Combs at this point. She just finished up her own tour. So, to celebrate and make it one to remember, Combs got her quite the gift. A bar cart stylized with “AM” initials and LED lights and all. It is quite the setup.

Over on her TikTok account, McBryde made sure to share the video of the reveal featuring Luke Combs. She was taken by surprise and let out a couple of “Oh s–ts,” in the process.


@lukecombs gave me an end of tour gift. And my reaction was fully on brand. Thank you Luke!! ##bar ##crafty ##ohshit ##LukeCombs ##AshleyMcBryde

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[Luke Combs] gave me an end of tour gift,” she captioned the video. “And my reaction was fully on brand. Thank you Luke!!”

When you are close with Combs, good things happen. The singer-songwriter has had the biggest three-year stretch of any country artist since I don’t know when. He seems to be gaining momentum even when folks thought he had reached his limit.

The bar cart he got McBryde was decked out. It had cool drawers, a wine cooler, and of course, he stocked it up beforehand. So, when she was ready to celebrate the end of the tour, she was ready to celebrate the end of the tour. Life is good for Luke Combs and company.

Luke Combs Pranked to End Tour

While Luke Combs gives out tour gifts to his friends, his friends were busy pranking him on tour. Back in December, the singer was playing a show alongside Ray Fulcher and McBryde. During Luke’s performance, Fulcher decided to put on an outfit and surprise his headlining act.

Of course, Fulcher dressed up as none other than Eric Church. He was rocking the jacket, the jeans, and of course, the sunglasses. He got it done right, every last detail. Fulcher came out on stage and surprised Combs with his new look and the singer was taken aback by the whole thing.

It isn’t every day that Eric Church walks onto your stage, right? It seems that wherever this tour went, these three just got along. That makes for a great show when the chemistry among the acts is at such a high level. I’m not sure if Fulcher is going to get the McBryde treatment after his little prank though. Instead of a bar cart, he’s getting a six-pack Igloo cooler.

Luke Combs is just a guy enjoying what he does for a living. He just so happens to be damn good at it, too. We can’t wait to see what he does next.