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Luke Combs Gives FFA Chapter Free Tickets and a Backstage Surprise at the Grand Ole Opry

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by John Shearer/2021 CMT Awards/Getty Images for CMT)

Do you know how easy it would be for Luke Combs to let his success go to his head? Think about it. He’s only 31 years old and signed to a major label five years ago. Since then, he’s racked up almost a dozen chart-topping hits. His debut record This One’s for You topped the Billboard Country Albums chart for fifty weeks, setting a record. Additionally, he has a stunning wife and an army of adoring fans. The latter of which help him sell out stadiums across the country. Then there is the trophy case full of awards he’s taken home. As if that wasn’t enough, several people have called Combs one of the most influential country artists of his era.  Most people would allow all of that to inflate their ego.

Luke Combs, however, has managed to stay humble through everything. You don’t have to look hard to see that. You could listen to his appearance on The Marty Smith Podcast or just follow him on Twitter. He is constantly helping his fans in one way or another. For instance, Combs recently hooked up an entire out-of-town FFA chapter when they couldn’t get tickets to the Opry.

Luke Combs: ‘Tickets Are on Me! Y’all Have Fun Tonight’

The story starts before just before noon on Tuesday. Hana Lani Hanson reached out to Luke Combs on Twitter. She told the country star, “I have my Willows CA FFA Chapter here in Nashville tonight and they are DYING to see you at the Grand Ole Opry!” She went on to say that the kids couldn’t afford tickets. Hanson closed her message by saying “I so wish I could give them this gift because they idolize you!!”

A few hours later, Luke Combs quote-tweeted Hanson, saying, “Tickets are on me! Y’all have fun tonight. Someone from my team will reach out and get y’all set up!” The story could end there and it would be awesome, but it doesn’t.

The Opry was sold out. Not even Luke Combs has the pull to get a group of kids into a sold-out Opry show. So, he did the next best thing. He worked it out so they could sit backstage and watch the show on a projection screen. Again, it could end here and be a really cool story. Again, it doesn’t.

Luke Combs came to the backstage area a couple of minutes before his set. He just wanted to stop in and say hi, make sure they were having a good time, and thank them for coming out. Then, Combs got a picture with the whole FFA chapter. Thankfully, someone at the Opry got a short video of that going down.

Hanson later shared the photo of her FFA chapter standing on the Opry’s hallowed stage with a sweet message for Combs.

The moral of the story: Luke Combs is a great artist and an even better guy. Our hats are off to him for this one.