Luke Combs Grants Fan with Stage 4 Cancer Dying Wish To Meet ‘Her Man’

by Keeli Parkey

When country star Luke Combs heard one of his biggest fans wanted to meet him before she died, the singer made certain he made her dream come true.

According to a report by Fox 17 WZTV Nashville, friends of Rena Bishop knew she wanted to talk with Combs. Bishop even referred to Combs as “her man.”

Bishop’s friends wanted their dying friend to get to live out this dream. She had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Triple Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer. And, according to the report, doctors have said that treatments were no longer effective.

“This cancer is extremely aggressive, develops secondary formations outside of the initial and primary sights, and is currently incurable,” the WZTV report said. “Unfortunately even with all the advancements in modern and progressive medicine, recently her doctor has told her that her treatments are no longer working.”

In an effort to bring Bishop joy during this difficult time, her friends made an effort to grant her wish.

“I love Rena and I don’t want her last moments to be focused on the pain,” one friend said according to WZTV. “I want her to remember that time.”

Someone posted Bishop’s wish on social media and, luckily, the request made it to Luck Combs. Bishop and Combs eventually chatted on FaceTime. The conversation did bring joy to Bishop, according to her friends. She even added another descriptor for the singer – “great guy.”

Bishop’s best friend Hilary Mosaic is standing by and caring for her friend during her illness. Mosaic told WZTV that those in Bishop’s circle are getting ready “for the worst, for the inevitable.”

Luke Combs Gives Away 500 Autographed ‘What You See is What You Get’ Vinyls

While bringing joy to a dying fan is one of the greatest things a celebrity can do, Luke Combs has been generous with his fans in other ways.

In January, the singer announced on Twitter that he planned to give away 500 autographed copies of his “What You See is What you Get” vinyl. What made the giveaway even more generous is that Combs purchased the albums himself. In a Twitter video he shared on Jan. 14, the singer says the plan was to autograph the albums, then sell them to fans. Instead, he decided that giving them away was a much better idea.

“The idea was going to be that we were going to sign these – it’s 500 vinyls is what it is …,” Combs says. “I was going to sign these are we were going to put them up for sale in hopes that you guys would buy ’em and that you guys would love that.

“What I decided to do this morning when I woke up, is I decided to purchase all 500 of these myself with money right out of my own pocket and sign ’em all anyways …,” he continues. “So, we’re going to have a sign up link coming pretty soon. And, you guys can just enter for your chance to win one of these 500 free signed vinyls.”

To sign up for a chance to receive one of the autographed vinyls, click here.