Luke Combs on His Daytona 500 Performance: ‘Real Good Times With Real Good Folks’

by Caitlin Berard

The Daytona 500 isn’t just a race, it’s an experience. In addition to the competition itself, fans were treated to multiple celebrity appearances, two musical performances, and a flyover from the Air Force’s premier Demonstration Squadron, the Thunderbirds. While Trace Adkins received the honor of performing the national anthem, Luke Combs was given the longer pre-show performance.

In front of a sold-out, 100,000 person crowd, Luke Combs performed hits such as “Beer Never Broke My Heart” and “Forever After All,” as well as his current single “Doin’ This.”

Though Combs played last year’s race as well, the crowd was extremely limited due to the pandemic. As a huge fan of NASCAR, Luke Combs was anxious to get the full experience this time around. “After we did Daytona last year, everyone was like, ‘Wish you could be here and see it when it’s at its best, when the whole thing’s going on,'” Combs recalled. “So that was something I was adamant about wanting to do, and thankfully they had us back.”

To celebrate his Daytona 500 performance, Luke Combs posted a series of pictures on Instagram, with a caption reading, “Hell of a time this weekend. Real good times with real good folks. Thanks to NASCAR for having us!”

Luke Combs Talks Being a Lifelong Fan of Daytona 500 and NASCAR

Last year was not only Luke Combs’ first time performing at the Daytona 500, it was his first time attending! Despite never attending the legendary race, Combs has been a fan of NASCAR all his life. He says, “I just grew up around it. Grew up watching it with my grandfather. It was always something that I loved. And country music and NASCAR, man, it just kinda goes together.”

Country music and NASCAR certainly do go together. In fact, it’s something that Combs and Daytona 500 viewers agree on. Grateful for Combs’ performance, NASCAR fans took to social media to share their appreciation. One fan writes, “Enjoyed my first Luke Combs concert – won’t be my last!” Another heartwarming comment reads, “My grandma FaceTimed me just so I could see you perform. Thank you for an amazing show!”

Even NASCAR shared the love with a Twitter post reading, “You really know how to rock, Luke Combs!”

Now, the real question is, as a huge fan of NASCAR, who is Luke Combs’ favorite driver? Sadly, it doesn’t appear that we’ll have an answer any time soon. In an interview with Fox News, Combs was asked that very question. “I don’t have too many public allegiances as far as drivers go. I like to keep that inside, you know? Don’t wanna p*** anybody off,” he says with a laugh. “Dale Jr. I’m going for Jr., ok? Pulling for Jr. today.”