Luke Combs Joins ‘American Idol’ Winner Chayce Beckham On Stage for ‘Forever After All’ Performance

by Jacklyn Krol

Luke Combs gave an epic performance on American Idol.

On May 23, the country crooner took the stage to duet with Season 19 winner Chayce Beckham. The pair performed “Forever After All.” As Combs usually performs with guitar at hand, this time, Beckham performed on acoustic guitar.

Watch the epic rendition, below.

Luke Combs also posed for a picture with American Idol judge, Luke Bryan. “The Luke’s are on #AmericanIdol tonight,” Bryan tweeted. “

Their performance came before Beckham was crowned the winner. Beckham was up against fellow contestants Willie Spence and Grace Kinstler.

“It was a crazy experience, and I was just happy to be up there with Willie,” Beckham told Good Morning America.

Prior to the interview just hours after he was announced the champion, he didn’t get any sleep.

“Honestly, you really can’t put words to the way that it makes you feel whenever you win a competition like this. It’s a lot of hard work, but it pays off,” he shared.

Luke Combs’ ‘Forever After All’ Inspiration

Luke Combs wrote “Forever After All” about his wife, Nicole Hocking. He began to write the lyrics in their new house in Tennesee that they just moved into at the time. He shared that they were “taking a huge step forward with our relationship and with our life, and wanted to encompass that in a song.”

His friends Drew Parker and Rob Williford helped him finish crafting the song.

“I had that idea kind of going around in my phone and we just knocked it out that day,” he explained in a press release. “I was kind of in that mood of we just moved into our house that’s going to be our home for a long time together, so I was just kind of in that moment, in that state when we were writing that song, and I’m glad that I feel like we did a great job on it.”

Aside from the heart melting lyrics, the music video is just as special and personal for Combs.

“It’s a bunch of footage from me and Nicole’s wedding,” he said. “And you kind of get to see a little bit of a glimpse into our day and it’s a really cool thing. I know that the fans are pretty excited about that. They’ve been asking us for it. And it was really cool to sit down and watch it with her for the first time.”