Luke Combs Just Discovered the Most Adorable Backup Singer Ever

by Hannah Heser

Luke Combs has a new backup singer in mind. And this time, it’s a four-year-old boy with the most adorable voice.

Earlier today, the country singer reshared the sweetest video ever. In the video, you’ll see a little boy singing “Beer Never Broke My Heart” in front of his family. And let me tell you, Outsiders, he knows how to rock. One day, we might be watching him perform a duet with Combs himself.

Luke Combs Might Have Some Competition in the Music Industry

In the post’s caption, Combs mentioned how he has been looking for a backup singer. And once he saw this video, he had to share it with the world. He wrote, “Been looking for a backup in case I ever needed one, but I had not checked with the 4-year-olds yet. Haha. Tripp, you’re my guy! Let’s get you out to a show soon buddy!!”

Be sure to jam out with Tripp below. You won’t be disappointed.

Obviously, Combs’ fans are enjoying this video. I mean, how can you not love a four-year-old’s cover of one of Combs’ hit songs? He certainly has a bright future ahead of him. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular comments.

One user said, “I love when he throws the red cup.. Luke..looks like you might have some competition pretty soon!”

“Haha!! He’s adorable! And this kid has definitely got @lukecombs down pat!! Definitely #gethimtoashow Luke… he deserves it for this performance!!” another fan added.

What do we think Outsiders? Can you see Tripp performing up on stage with Luke Combs one day? Because we sure can after watching that performance! He certainly killed it.

The Country Singer Admitted to Why He Hasn’t Released New Music Yet

Fans have been jamming out to Luke Combs’ songs ever since he started this career. Nowadays, everyone is getting a little impatient with waiting for the third album. So Luke, when are you dropping this new project?

In a recent interview, the country singer explained why it’s taking so long to release. If it wasn’t for a few delays in 2021, he might’ve released the album already, according to the Boot.

“It’s been a long process,” Combs revealed. “I was working on it really hard before this tour we did in the fall.”

The music industry looked a lot different when artists returned to the stage. He also mentioned that he wanted to focus on the tour more than the album at the time. For more information on this, read the previous article here.