Luke Combs, Kane Brown Featured on Topps Baseball Cards

by Matthew Memrick

Two of country music’s hottest singers, Luke Combs and Kane Brown, were immortalized with Topps baseball cards recently.

Combs and Brown joined Willie Jones on the collectible cards designed by Music City Baseball, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Adidas, Topps Trading Cards, and the Fluent Group. 

Combs came out and praised the idea in a Tweet Friday night.

“Didn’t think I’d ever have my own baseball card, but this is pretty sweet. Thanks for asking me to be a part of this, @NashvilleStars!”

According to, the trio is part of the Music Industry Advisors team. In reality, the hope is to bring pro baseball to Nashville. Coupled with the group’s mission is the Nashville Stars’ name as a tribute to a 1940s Negro League team from the area. 

The novelty baseball card set features advisors and former Negro League players on the cards. According to Music City Baseball, the advisors are donning their Nashville Stars Adidas jerseys. Equally important, the card backs describe a Negro League story or player that most resonated with each advisor. 

Luke Combs talked about his desire to have Buck O’Neil’s story on his baseball card in the project.

He said the connection between music and baseball went hand and hand. Combs was describing Kansas City’s home of jazz music and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

“The great Buck O’Neil once said ‘At 18th & Vine, you couldn’t toss a baseball without hitting a musician, and you couldn’t whistle a tune without having a ballplayer join in,'” Luke Combs said.

“I chose this story for my card because it still rings true today — man, I love my job but it sure would be cool to trade places with a professional baseball player for a day,” Luke Combs added.

Luke Combs, Kane Brown Beyond Baseball Cards

The North Carolina-born Luke Combs is a two-time Grammy Award nominee with five CMA awards. He is currently touring with early August concert dates in Canandaigua, N.Y., Cullman, Ala., and Winsted, M.N. In September, he performs three shows in his home state. Combs is a Sony Nashville artist.

As for Kane Brown, the music artist recently launched his label, 1021 Entertainment with help from Sony Nashville. In addition to his label, the five-time AMA winner took Video of the Year at the 2021 ACM Awards for “Worldwide Beautiful.” Additionally, Brown has upcoming concert tour stops in Monticello, Iowa (July 24), York, P.A. (July 26), and Cheyenne Frontier Days (July 30). 

With European shows in February, CMT News noted that the Chattanooga, Tenn.-born vocalist was the first solo country artist to perform at the BET Awards.

Louisiana singer-songwriter Willie Jones had two September tour dates: Sept. 4 at The Gold Hill Country Music Festival in Placerville, Calif., and Sept. 18 at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson with rap artist Nelly. Sony Nashville/The Penthouse manages Jones.