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Luke Combs Opens Up About How His Family, Hometown Impacted the Artist He Is Now

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by John Shearer/2021 CMT Awards/Getty Images for CMT)

Luke Combs is a massively successful artist. His debut album went to the top of Billboard’s Country Albums chart and stayed there for fifty weeks. All but one of his singles has hit the top of the Country Airplay chart. That twelfth one is well on its way. Like that single, Luke strives to be the best country artist in the world by the time he closes the curtains on his career.

 Make no mistake, though, Luke Combs doesn’t have a huge ego. He’s just an incredibly driven artist.  Combs’ head still fits in his hat.

In his recent appearance on The Marty Smith Podcast, Luke Combs demonstrated just how humble he is in the face of his monumental success. At one point, we learned where that balance comes from – his family, childhood, and hometown.

Luke Combs’ “Super Normal” Upbringing

Marty Smith pointed out that Luke Combs was born in Huntersville, NC, and grew up in Asheville, NC. Then, he asked how his hometown affected the artist that he is today.

About his family life, Combs said that he was an only child. As a result, he surrounded himself with a large group of friends. That, he said, was a major part of what shaped the person he is today.

Then, he went on to talk about his parents. “Obviously, my parents worked super hard to give us everything that we needed. I was definitely not a kid that got everything that he wanted.” Combs said that he had the necessities and a nice house. At the same time, one could make the argument that seeing his parents work hard for what they had instilled in him the drive to do the same in his life. Luke is a working man, at the end of the day. His job just looks a little different.

Of his humble yet happy home life, Luke Combs said, “I didn’t know anything else. We lived in a neighborhood where everyone else was the same way… I didn’t have a friend that I would have considered, at that time, to be ‘rich’ until tenth grade or something like that.” As a result, he didn’t have anything to compare his childhood to.

All in all, Luke Combs says his early life was “super normal.” He goes on to say that he didn’t have a rough upbringing. They didn’t have all the luxuries of the upper class. However, they were stable. “We didn’t move house to house. We lived in Huntersville and then we lived in Asheville and my parents still live in the same house.”

In closing, Luke Combs said, “I’ve always been that guy. I’d like to think my friends would tell you the same thing. I mean, the guy I was in high school is similar to the guy I am now.”

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