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Luke Combs Perfectly Sums Up Why He’d Still be ‘Doin’ This’ if He ‘Wasn’t Doin’ This’

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Luke Combs admits that he’d still be doing this even if he wasn’t as big as he is today!

This is what we love to hear. He has a true act for the stage and his friends, family, and fans all recognize it. This superstar was born to be in the spotlight.

A few hours ago, Luke Combs shared a live performance of his newest single, Doin’ This. It’s a message to his fans saying if he wasn’t doing this, he’d still be performing somewhere even if it’s in a bar. Throughout the video, you will see the crowd go crazy, knowing every word to the song. After his CMA performance, the song skyrocketed on the country music charts.

In the caption of the post, Luke Combs said, “THIS! This is why I’d still be Doin’ This if I wasn’t Doin’ This!”

Check out the performance here:

Certainly, these lyrics are something special.

I’d have a Friday night crowd in the palm of my hands,

Cup of brown liquor, couple buddies in a band,

Singin’ them same damn songs like I am now,

I’d be feelin’ on fire on a hardwood stage,

Bright lights like lightning runnin’ through my veins,

At the Grand Ole Opry or a show in some no-name town,

I’d still be doin’ this if I wasn’t doin’ this.

Now, let’s take a look at how the fans are reacting to this post.

Fans Flood the Comments With Nothing But Love For Luke Combs

Fans immediately started giving the singer positive messages on his latest performance. There’s nothing like being in a crowded arena watching a musician do what he does best.

Outsider’s very own Marty Smith even gave Luke’s post some love. @martysmithespn said, “The ultimate!”

Not too long after, Diplo asked where he can get a cupholder to have at his concerts. “Where can I get a cup holder for my micstand ??????”

Soon after, another user mentioned his son. “You da man bro. Congrats on the boy. Just think that lil dude will be singing just like him one day.” And we can’t wait for that moment.

As you scroll through the comments, you’ll see no negative comments. That’s how fantastic this country singer is. He’s got one heck of a future ahead of him. Don’t you agree?

Combs is Nominated For an iHeart Radio Award

Surprise! iHeart Radio released their nomination list this morning and Luke Combs is nominated for “Country Artist of the Year.”

Additionally, there are a few other country stars in the same category. They include Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, and Thomas Rhett.

They’re all great artists, but may the best country artist win. Vote here!