Luke Combs Performs Acoustic Rendition of ‘This One’s For You’ After Antelope Hunt With Steve Rinella

by Jennifer Shea

Steve Rinella, host of the Netflix series “MeatEater,” has posted a video to his Instagram account of country music singer Luke Combs performing “This One’s For You” after an antelope hunt.

“Not a bad way to end a day of antelope hunting with @lukecombs,” Rinella posted. “Stay tuned for the ripping guitar solo.”

Rinella also shared a picture of their kill from a hunt in Wyoming.

Rinella is a practiced hunter who has written “The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Game” for hunters of all skill levels. 

Combs has been somewhat at loose ends since the coronavirus forced tour cancellations. Early on, he responded to the challenge by debuting new music in a concert from his garage.

“I want to play a couple songs for you tonight, just try to take your mind off things a little bit and have a little fun for myself,” Combs said then, by way of explaining the garage concert. “I’m going to play a cover song for you guys, I’m going to play a new song. I hope you enjoy. I might mess up.”  

As the pandemic wore on, Combs settled in to enjoy a slower-paced life at his home in rural Tennessee – cooking for himself and his fiancée, turkey hunting and playing Xbox games, Rolling Stone reported.

“A simple existence is something I enjoy — and just finding joy in the quiet,” Combs said. “I don’t have any neighbors here that I can even see from my house, so I can hunt right here, ride ATVs, go look for morel mushrooms in the woods. I’m just living the redneck dream out here right now.”