Luke Combs Releasing Two New Songs This Week After Debuting Them on Tour

by Jon D. B.

Mark your calendars, Luke Combs fans! One of the greatest voices of a generation is set to release two new songs this week!

For those playing the home game, we’re absolutely referring to Combs with the above. The man has a timbre most vocalists spend a lifetime reaching for – and he’s but 31-years-old. Not a spring chicken, but no George Strait, either! No offense, George. We love you just as much at 69 as we did at 21.

As for Luke Combs, the country superstar, whose latest album featuring “Forever After All” and “Better Together” is available now, has even more hits on the way. Combs has proven a truly talented songwriter alongside that phenomenal voice, so color us Outsiders beyond excited to see what’s next.

Sunday comes with great news in this department, too. Luke Combs just dropped a bomb on his official Twitter, letting us know that not one – but two new songs are already being played on tour. And he’s releasing them to the masses this week!

“Been playing two new songs on tour… Figured I’d share them with y’all if that’s cool?” he tweeted today. “If so, I’ll post one this Tuesday and one this Thursday at 8 PM ET.”

So don’t forget to mark those calendars and get ready for some brand new Combs classics-in-the-making!

Luke Combs: The Country Voice of a Generation

A talent like Combs only comes along about once in a generation. Sure, there’s a literal flood of brilliant young country artists out there. But name one that has the grit, gravel, gravitas, and pure, raw talent of Luke Combs?

There may be no swaying some from their own favorites, but if you’re here reading this article – chances are you’re as blown away by what Combs is capable of as this author is.

For me, the case in point came in 2018 when Combs covered “Tennessee Whiskey.” Now, before you go all “Really? The unbelievably overplayed Chris Stapleton song?” I’ve got two facts to hit you with:

  1.  Chris Stapleton’s version of “Tennessee Whiskey” is a cover. He did not write the song, but he did perfect it. We’ll give you that.
  2. Just about one of the only voices left that could warrant another cover of “Tennessee Whiskey” is young Luke Combs.

So #2 is an opinion, not a fact, the reader thinks. Just you wait.

The unlikely country megastar that is Luke Combs has proven his talent time and time again with a soulful, heavy gravel that feels decades beyond his lifespan. Armed with such a unique timbre, Combs set out to deliver his own knock-out, drag-down rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey” during one of his 2018 performances at the Mother Church of Country Music: The Ryman Auditorium. And he did exactly that.

Within, Combs gravels his way through a killer live rendition of the country classic. And it’s everything you think its going to be as a fan of Luke. Give it a spin below, and prepare to join me in the “#2 is a fact” club afterwards:

What a voice.