Luke Combs Remembers the 60 Country Music Fans Who Lost Their Lives at Route 91: ‘May We Never Forget’

by Jonathan Howard

It has somehow been four years since the Route 91 Las Vegas shooting. Luke Combs is remembering the victims on this day. He and his band and many others were also in danger that night. It is a day that will be sadly remembered for many years.

The country music world and the world, in general, were shocked when the images and videos started to come in from the attack. Many will never forget where they were. For Combs and the many others that were there, four years is a long time to reflect and think about those who lost their lives that night.

The caption that Luke Combs left was mournful and very touching.

“On this day 4 years ago me, my band, my crew, my family, and thousands of our fans and country music lovers lives were changed forever. May we never forget the 60 people whose lives were senselessly taken that night and those lives that were forever changed. We will never forget you. #CountryStrong#Route91”

Combs isn’t the only artist to put out a message on this infamous anniversary. Jason Aldean, who was performing when the shots began, reflected on the tragedy as well. His friend that pulled him off stage recently passed away back in August.

Luke Combs and Jason Aldean Mourn Route 91 Victims

Jason Aldean holds this date close in his heart. The effect it had on him is unimaginable. Those that were at the Route 91 tragedy will forever carry that with them. In his message to those victims and those who were present, Aldean reflected on that bond that folks like him, Luke Combs, and all that were there will have forever.

“Hard to believe it’s been 4 years already. Thinking about our Route 91 family today. We love u guys! #foreverbonded,” his Instagram post read.

Now, four years later, looking back on October 1, 2017, it still seems unreal. I remember being in college and seeing the videos on social media before going to bed. I stayed up for hours, waiting for updates. No one knew what was happening. So, it is unthinkable what Luke Combs and Jason Aldean and the hundreds of others that were there went through.

For Aldean, the anniversary comes soon after his friend who pulled him off stage passed away. Ryan Fleming was very close with Aldean and helped make sure the country star was kept safe during the attack. His friend sprang into action. They spent years on the road together, first meeting when he was a bouncer at a bar in Macon, only 18 years old.

Truly a sad day. The two tributes from Luke Combs and Aldean were touching, emotional, and fitting.