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Luke Combs Reveals What He’s Reaching For When He’s Eating on Holidays

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

It is the holiday season and that means food and lots of food. Luke Combs has revealed what is going on his plate this season.

In a conversation with Cody Alan of iHeart Radio, the country singer dove into what he will be diving into around the Christmas dinner table. As a North Carolina guy, you know he is going to have a big plate with all the best food.

“Any food is welcome, in my situation,” Luke Combs laughed. “I love it all.” While he says he loves it all, he did get a little more specific. “Turkey, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans. Anything that has ‘casserole’ at the end of it is on the approved list for me as well. Any and all of it really. There isn’t one particular item that I have to have. Well, ‘stuffing’ is up there for sure, or, ‘dressing,’ whatever people call it. All of it.”

Combs Doesn’t Care About Your Holiday Meal Debates

It sounds like the Combs family knows how to put together a plate around the holidays. That is good enough to check off anyone’s holiday meal boxes. Although he didn’t get into the dessert portion of the hypothetical meal, I imagine it includes pecan and pumpkin pie.

It also doesn’t sound like Luke Combs is on one side of the other as far as the stuffing vs dressing debate goes. While some families are torn over the issue, the country singer isn’t worried about it. He just wants to eat a good meal, and I can appreciate that.

The holidays are stressful enough. No need to argue over what that delicious, flavorful pile of carbs on your plate is called. They were cooked with love and they taste wonderful, I don’t care if you call it snot, if it tastes like grandma made it, I’m all about it.

Luke Combs Had a Happy Thanksgiving

While folks were gathering with their families at the end of November, Luke Combs was out on the road. He had the honor of playing the halftime show at the Dallas Cowboys game. That’s sacred ground, there. The Cowboys on Thanksgiving, nothing gets better than that.

During his performance, Combs rocked the house. He performed When it Rains it Pours, Beautiful Crazy, and Beer Never Broke My Heart. Of course, the show was a big success. It seems that since 2018, nothing can stop Combs and his forward momentum.

While I’m sure the stuffing or dressing or whatever was great at his Thanksgiving meal, I think this performance was the highlight of the holiday for Luke Combs. Getting to perform a halftime show like that puts him on a trajectory to a potential Super Bowl show. That’s likely a long way away, but Combs has surely thought about it before.