Luke Combs Reveals Why He Hasn’t Released a Third Album Yet

by Jonathan Howard

Ever since he dropped his first album Luke Combs has been on a one-way trip to stardom. Now, where is that third project at?

Fans have been wondering when and if this third album is going to happen. This One’s For You set up the insane 2018 that Combs had at awards shows and on tour. Then he followed that up with What You See Is What You Get which continued his run as one of the biggest new stars in the genre.

Luke Combs understands why fans want to know where this new album is. And, he has some answers, sort of. Nothing concrete, but just know that the work is being done.

“It’s been a long process,” the country singer explained. “I was working on it really hard before this tour we did in the fall.”

Touring while on the road and dealing with all of the COVID protocols and rules was not easy. While artists returned to stages, there was a different feeling to shows, for sure. That didn’t help with working on the new album.

“There was nobody to call for a lot of those stressful situations, where it was like, ‘Hey, what do I do about this thing?'” Combs said. “‘Hey, when this happened to you, what did you do?’ There was none of that.” Just learning things as they went.

“I kinda took a pause on working on [the album] because I just really wanted to focus on that tour,” the singer lamented. And that’s completely understandable. It isn’t just Luke Combs that has had a rough time dealing with the new realities of COVID and navigating life since 2020.

It sure seemed like Combs enjoyed his time at the Daytona 500, though.

Luke Combs Performs Before Daytona 500, Enjoys Festivities

In what Luke Combs said is the “Super Bowl” of NASCAR (he isn’t wrong) the singer enjoyed his first full Daytona 500 experience. The singer had performed at the venue last year, but not at this race. Daytona in February is much more different than Daytona in the summer or the fall. And that’s something Combs knows after seeing so many races at the Roval.

“After we did Daytona last year, everyone was like, ‘Wish you could be here and see it when it’s at its best, when the whole thing’s going on,'” the singer recalled. “So that was something I was adamant about wanting to do, and thankfully they had us back.”

After he spent some time at the track and took in the action, Luke Combs was blown away.

“Hell of a time this weekend. Real good times with real good folks. Thank to NASCAR for having us,” he said in an Instagram post.