Luke Combs Sends Message to Ed Sheeran After Their Recent ‘Dive’ Performance in London

by Caitlin Berard

Both Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran are extremely dedicated to their fans, always going the extra mile to ensure that those attending their concerts leave with a smile. But Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran performing together? Now that’s a sight fans didn’t know they needed but will never forget.

At last month’s Country 2 Country Festival in London, Luke Combs took the stage for his set. After working through a number of his own songs, he arrived at one of his live show staples – a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Dive.”

Luke Combs fans know to expect the cover. What they didn’t expect, however, was Ed Sheeran to appear on stage beside the country music star at the start of the second verse. To the sound of thousands of screaming fans, the pop legend added his own beautiful vocals to Combs’ deep, melodic singing voice in a surprise duet.

Both artists were clearly soaking in every second of the performance, each taking a moment to appreciate the other’s talents. At the end of the song, the two music icons grinned at one another in an adorable embrace. And, of course, Luke Combs was happy to share the drink in his signature red solo cup with Sheeran.

Following the spectacular night of music, Luke Combs took to Twitter to express his thanks to his fellow musician. “What a night pal,” Combs wrote in response to Ed Sheeran’s video of the song. “Appreciate you coming out!”

Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran Hope to Make Music Together Soon

In an interview with Absolute Radio Country, Luke Combs revealed that he and Ed Sheeran have had a song in the works for years. The only reason we have yet to hear what will no doubt be an incredible piece of music is the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, their plans began in 2019, and the pandemic made any future songwriting meetings impossible.

“We were going to [write together] but the COVID thing screwed our whole plans up on that,” Combs said. “But maybe one day, hopefully one day.”

Now that pandemic restrictions seem to be winding down, we can only hope that the musicians are able to resume their plans for a duet in the near future. After their breathtaking performance in London, there’s no question a song co-written by Sheeran and Combs would be a hit.

Fans of the artists agree, clamoring for a recording of the two beneath the picture of their embrace. One fan of the artists wrote, “Please record and release ‘Dive’ as a duet.” Another said, “I want a song ASAP.”