Luke Combs Shares New Theme Song for SEC Network, ‘South On Ya’

by Clayton Edwards

Luke Combs has been a busy man this week. He dropped the official video for his current single “Cold As You,” yesterday. Additionally, he joined Robert Randolph and Reyna Roberts to perform “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’,” at the ACM Honors. Today, he shared the official audio for “South On Ya,” the theme song for the SEC Network.

Many of Luke Combs’ fans have already heard the song in one form or another. He played it live at Faster Horses. Combs also released an abbreviated studio version of the song about a month ago. The snippet of the song clocks in at just over a minute. However, it was enough to get just about everybody in the Southeastern corner of the country rocking. Now, we can hear the official full-length version of the song. Check it out below.

In the song, Luke Combs mentions most of the schools in the South Eastern Conference. However, he wrote the song before Texas and Oklahoma joined. So, they’re not in it. Combs actually joked about this in his recent appearance on The Marty Smith Podcast. He said that he would have to add, “A fourth verse, a secret verse like, ‘Friends in Low Places,’ and only play it live.”

How Luke Combs’ ‘South On Ya,’ Became the SEC Network Theme

It’s appropriate that Luke Combs and Marty Smith discussed “South On Ya,” on the podcast. After all, Marty helped him get the song in front of the suits at ESPN and thus the SEC Network.

Luke Combs co-penned “South On Ya,” with Johnathan Singleton and Dan Isbell while sitting on his bus in Alabama. It was in February of 2019. After he recorded a demo version of the song, Combs sent it over to Marty Smith. He told Smith that he would like to have the song connected to the SEC. Marty immediately agreed and started running it up the flagpole at ESPN.

There were a couple of obstacles, though. First and foremost, involving ESPN meant there would be miles of red tape that would take time to cut through. During this time, another obstacle reared its head. Luke Combs decided to walk back the idea and put the track on an album. Finally, Combs decided the song belonged on the SEC Network. As a result, Marty had a meeting with the folks at the network and made it happen.

Marty Smith and Luke Combs discussed the whole story from beginning to end on The Marty Smith Podcast. If you want to hear that story, check out the video below. However, if you want to hear all about Combs’ rise to fame and his drive to be the best country artist in the game, check out the full video episode of the podcast on Outsider’s YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can listen to the show on many streaming services including Podbean, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.