Luke Combs Speaks Out on Emotional Meaning Behind ‘Even Though I’m Leaving’

by Matthew Wilson

Luke Combs and the other song’s writers discussed the emotional meaning behind his hit song “Even Though I’m Leaving.” The song has been nominated for a CMA Song of the Year Award.

Combs and songwriters Wyatt Durrette III and Ray Fulcher discussed collaborating for the first time. Fulcher said the song was inspired by Durrette’s time as a parent.

“I remember you [Durrette] always said you wanted to write a song because your son was getting older,” Fulcher said. “Like he’s going to be going off to college, I just want him to know I’m always here.”

Even when the trio started writing the song, they could already tell it was going to be powerful. The three became teary-eyed as they worked through the song’s lyrics. Combs said it was a song most people could relate to.

“It was definitely different than a normal first write for sure,” Combs said. “It was probably everyone’s collective experiences generalized into what we thought people could relate to. Everybody has that thing where you’re scared when you are a little kid. Your dad comes in and like, ‘Everything’s alright. You know I’m just down the hall kind of thing.’ I just feel like everybody for the most part can relate to that sentiment at least.”

Luke Combs Was Inspired By His Grandfather

Fulcher agreed that most people could relate to striking out on their own. For Durrette, the song was an ode to parents letting their children grow up.

” As a parent, it’s one of the hardest things ever to let them go,” Durrette said. “To let them, knowing you have to and hoping you did a good job and they’re good people. But letting them know I’m right here. Just like it’s the same way when they’re a kid, you’re letting go of them on a bike. You got to let go so they can do it themself. But hey, I’m right here. It’s the same thing when they grow up.”

For Combs, the song conjured a painful story in his own life. The country singer recounted as he slowly lost his grandfather to an undisclosed illness.

“I watched my mother lose her dad. It wasn’t a sudden thing,” Comb said. “Eventually, he had to go into a nursing home. Then it was a slow kind of process. She had that opportunity to go have conversations with him about things that were left unsaid. That was the scene I was imagining in my head.”

Since its release, Combs said fans have fallen in love with the song and shared how it touched them.

“There so many instances, too many to count, of fans giving me really, really emotional stories of what this song means to them,” Comb said.