Luke Combs Speaks Out on Why He Always Takes Off ‘Entire Week of Thanksgiving’

by Matthew Wilson

Luke Combs plans to take the entire week of Thanksgiving off. Combs, who won the CMA Male Vocalist of the Year, wants to spend time with family and friends.

Combs will be spending his first holiday season as a married man. He recently wed long-time girlfriend Nicole Hocking.

“I value Thanksgiving a lot. You know, I value family. I value friends and time spent with those people is something that money can’t buy,” Combs said, according to Universal Music Group Pressroom. “And something that you can never get back. So, I always take Thanksgiving off. The entire week of Thanksgiving every year so that my band and crew can spend time with their families.”

For his ever-growing fanbase, he insists there’s time for concerts and shows outside of the holiday season. Not, that there are many concerts happening this year anyway due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Combs said the holiday is a time for family.

“I also don’t want anybody making plans to come see our show, you know, the night before Thanksgiving,” he said. “Because I just feel like that time should be spent with the people that are most important to you. There’s other times to go out and do a show and you know sing songs and make money. I think that Thanksgiving is too important to be looked over.”

Luke Combs Loves Hunting Turkeys

Turkeys better beware when Combs is around whether it’s Thanksgiving or not. Previously, the country singer opened up about his love for turkey hunting, and the time he went hunting with Luke Bryan.

“We ended up going, and we got one! We must have been hunting for five or six hours, just driving around,” Combs told Country Countdown USA. “He’s a great guy, he gave me a lot of great advice, and we listened to a ton of great songs. Just demos of different people’s tunes. I love doing that.  Just threw tunes back and forth. It was a decent drive down there. It was cool to pick his brain about stuff. We talked about what old music we love. It was awesome. Lot of music, lot of hunting, it was a cool day.”