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Video: Luke Combs Teaches The Basics of His Impressive Beer Shotgunning Skills

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Luke Combs has a prodigious ability to suck down an entire can of beer in under three seconds, and he’s willing to teach you how to do it. He recently gave a masterclass on the inner workings of how he shotguns a beer.

Combs proved his skills at a concert in front of thousands of fans. He posted the feat in a TikTok video. In it, he punctures the 12-ounce can of Miller Lite and is able to empty it in just over two seconds.


Start “1, 2 Many” at 11:57:47 PM and we can shotgun a beer together at midnight for the new year!

♬ 1, 2 Many – Luke Combs & Brooks & Dunn

Well, he’s not keeping this talent to himself. The 30-year-old recently taught some people how to chug a beer the Luke Combs way.

It’s actually more detailed than you might expect. The Charlotte native explains how the puncture hole placement is key. And explains where to place your head when you open the beer. He goes into the physics of fluid dynamics and air-bubble displacement inside the can.

Combs puts it all together and shotguns a Miller Lite “Tall Boy” — twice the size of a normal 12 oz. can of beer — in three seconds flat in the video.

Try it yourself. Just don’t make any plans for later in the day.

Luke Combs releasing new music

Luke Combs isn’t just chugging beers. He’s been very busy working on his latest album. The CM Male Artist of the Year is releasing a song a week on YouTube from his upcoming album that releases on Oct. 23.

The new weekly series will feature five of the singer’s new tracks off of his new deluxe album. Those include “Cold As You,” “The Other Guy,” “My Kinda Folk,” and “Forever After All.”

He released “Cold As You” this week.

Combs’ new album is called “What You See Ain’t Always What You Get.” It’s a deluxe version of his 2019 album. The extended CD includes the original 18 tracks as well as five new songs.