Luke Combs Tells Story of First Show, Explains How Time Has Passed with Success

by Atlanta Northcutt

Luke Combs has come a long way from being a bouncer at a honky-tonk bar. Now, Combs is playing sold-out concert stadiums, touring overseas, and winning numerous awards.

During an interview with AXS TV, all of the focus was on the country musician during the video “The Rise of Luke Combs” interview with Dan Rather.

His First Live Country Music Performance

Rather asks Luke what it was like to play his first gig.

“I wanted to play,” says Combs.

While attending Appalachian State University in Asheville, N.C., Combs worked as a bouncer at a bar before finally playing his first country music show at the Parthenon Cafe around 2014.

“I played my first show, making $200 by charging $1 per ticket at the door,” says Luke. “I realized that was more money than I made at both my jobs that week so then I was like, ‘Well. That’s alright. If I can do something I love to do, and people want to show up, and I can get paid for it, then that’s pretty solid.'”

“If I can do something I love to do, and people want to show up, and I can get paid for it, then that’s pretty solid.”

– Luke Combs

The Unstoppable Luke Combs

Combs’ explains once he figured out he could become a successful country music artist, there was no stopping him.

Luke dropped out of college during the last semester of his senior year. He moved to Nashville to go after a career in country music. The rest is history.

“When you started playing bars, wherever and whenever you could, does it seem a long time away from you now,” asks Rather, “Or does it seem like just yesterday?”

What Has Changed Since Finding Success?

Combs thought about the question carefully before giving an answer. In some ways, it feels like it’s been a long time. However, in other ways, he still doesn’t feel much has changed in certain areas.

“I think in a lot of ways, Dan, it feels like both of those things at the same time,” responds Combs. “It feels like it was six months ago that we were doing that. It also feels like it’s been 10 lifetimes since then because I’ve done so much.”

“I’ve grown so much as a human being and as a man since then,” he adds. “I’ve learned about the world.”

Combs goes on to explain to Dan how he’d never been on an airplane until he was 25.

“Now I’ve played two tours in Australia, three tours in Europe, and I’ve played a sold-out arena in every state of the United States,” says Luke. “It’s just been an insane amount of things that have changed in my life since then.”

Although He’s Found Fame, He’s Still the Same

However, one thing that has stayed the same is Luke Combs being the person he was before discovering fame.

“I like to think I’m pretty much the same guy as I was back then,” says Luke. “You know, pretty level-headed, easy to get along with, and a pretty agreeable guy. I love to go out and sing, and have a good time and make people happy.”

Combs enthusiastically ends the 2021 interview by saying, “And I’m just lucky that people love to watch me do that.”