Luke Combs Tweets Out His Feelings Towards Daylight Savings

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Jason Kempin/CMT2020/Getty Images for CMT)

As Daylight Savings comes around, America sacrifices an extra hour of daylight for an extra hour of sleep. While most people won’t complain about the extra hour of sleep when 12:59 am turns to 12:00 am, the lost daylight really takes its toll. Luke Combs has taken to twitter to express his disdain for the lost time.

Many feel Luke’s pain as Nashville sits right on the edge of the Eastern and Central time zones. Chattanooga, in contrast, enjoys the benefits of being included in the Eastern time zone. Some summer nights it remains light until almost 11 pm.

The Common Luke Combs Mistake

Luke certainly has a point in suggesting the switch in time zones, and honestly a fair suggestion in ending daylight savings entirely. With that said, if as a nation we decided to nix daylight savings as a whole, it would actually play to our disadvantage. What daylight savings does is move the extra hour of daylight from the morning to the evening during the Summer. Therefore, taking it away would mean that year-round the sun would set around this time.

What Luke Combs is really getting at, and likely many agree, is that the world should operate on daylight savings time year-round. We should agree to shift time forward an hour full time. While all the early birds may disagree, there are many advantages to operating on this shifted schedule.

In a study from 1975, the Department of Transportation discovered that daylight savings time cut down on energy costs rather significantly. While this information may be outdated, logic provides good enough reason to believe it still holds true.

In this case, many of those who protest daylight savings, really protest the return from daylight savings. If the ultimate goal is to have more daylight, we should commit to a full time shift to daylight savings time. If you agree with Luke Combs, don’t protest against daylight savings. Protest for a full time transition to it.