Luke Combs Unveils New Track ‘Good Old Days’ with Live Performance Video

by Jon D. B.

As promised, Luke Combs has hit fans with a brand new song: “Good Old Days!” Check it out right here courtesy of the country megastar’s live performance.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Luke Combs is of the greatest voices of a generation. And he’s releasing two new songs this week!

The country superstar, whose latest album featuring “Forever After All” and “Better Together” is available now, has hits in the making constantly, it feels like. As one fan puts it, “Your songs never fail” – and we couldn’t agree more. He’s proven a truly talented songwriter alongside that phenomenal voice, so today is a damn good day to be an Outsider!

This past Sunday, Luke Combs himself dropped a bomb on his official Twitter. Within, he let fans know that not one, but two new songs were already being played out on tour for live audiences:

“Been playing two new songs on tour… Figured I’d share them with y’all if that’s cool?” he tweeted. “If so, I’ll post one this Tuesday and one this Thursday at 8 PM ET.”

Well now Tuesday evening is upon us – and so is that first song! Get ready to give “Good Old Days” a spin for the first time ever right here with your fellow Outsiders!

Luke Combs Performs ‘Good Old Days’ Live On Tour

“Good Old Days” is about exactly that – the good ol’ days! Within, Combs sings of “Two lanes, four doors,” and a “twelve pack” before proclaiming “those were the good old days.”

“Blue jeans. Green eyes” and “Fireworks” are among “Good Old Days” intro chorus, too. Indeed, the latest from Luke Combs has all the makings of a country hit. It doesn’t take long to build into a fervor, either, with the singer moving quickly into a crescendo of “We were young! We were free!”

And as Combs puts it, “back then, we knew everything. Back in the good old days.”

The song has all the hallmarks we’ve come to expect of Luke while echoing classic country hits from his forefathers like George Strait and Alan Jackson. Neither, however, possessed the gravelly-grit that makes Luke Combs Luke Combs.

Fans Are Loving “Good Old Days”

“I. Want. It. Now. I don’t believe you can make anything other than hits. That is all,” replies fan Leigh Anne Tuesday. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Another fan, however, wants to know: “Are you not releasing this to Spotify, Apple Music, etc?”

While there’s no hint of a release to music streaming services like Spotify yet, other fans are all-in for the new track across the board.

“One of a kind song!!” cries follower Amanda, echoed by Dave’s “Love it! We need the new album!!”

Robbie says the new track is “Solid as hell as always!!” – with Tom Ricks declaring “That’s gonna hit #1!”

Outsider definitely sees Luke Combs’ next #1 in the making right here, too. Give the song another listen above, courtesy of Combs’ Twitter, and revel in those “Good Old Days” with the man himself.