Luke Combs Hits Wyoming for a Big-Time Successful Antelope Hunt

by Clayton Edwards

Most fans know that Luke Combs stays busy. It seems like he’s constantly on the road or previewing new songs on social media. His work ethic is part of what makes him such a successful artist. However, even the hardest working folks need a little break from time to time. When Combs needs a break from the hustle and bustle of the music industry, he slips into the great outdoors to do some hunting or fishing.

Wednesday, Luke Combs posted some photos from a successful antelope hunt in Wyoming. In the photos, we can see Luke posing next to the animal he harvested. Additionally, there are snaps of him and his guides and hunting partners in the field. We also get a glimpse of life back at camp. All in all, it looks like they had a great time enjoying nature. Taking home that hefty antelope was probably just the icing on the cake. Check out the photos below.

However, those photos didn’t come from a recent hunt. In the post, Luke Combs says that they came from last year’s antelope season. He doesn’t say exactly when the photos were taken, but we can narrow it down. They’re hunting antelope in Wyoming. In one of the photos, we see Luke carrying a rifle. So, that means that the hunt took place in October of last year. In 2020, Wyoming’s antelope season ran from October 1st to October 31st.

Watch Luke Combs Harvest His Antelope

Would you like to get to see what Luke Combs is like on a hunting trip? If you would, you’re in luck. The photos that he posted yesterday are from his time with the folks from MeatEater. Their tenth season is currently live on Netflix and Combs is in the first episode of that season.

The show’s hosts, Steve and Janis took Luke Combs and Nashville songwriting duo The Brothers Hunt up to Wyoming to harvest some of the state’s prized antelope. If you’re wondering what to expect from the episode featuring Combs, the comments of the post give some hints. Steve Rinella said, “Thanks, Luke. You’re even cooler than you seem, and you seem pretty damn cool. So glad we became friends.” Janis Putelis’ comment is may go further in making you want to tune in, though. “My belly hurt for two days from all the laughing we did,” he said.

However, Combs didn’t just go up there to hunt and hang out. He also wanted to help their land conservation efforts as well as their future hunting endeavors. You can be part of that, too.

In the post, Luke Combs said that he donated an autographed guitar to MeatEater’s Land Access Initiative auction. Proceeds from that auction will help the folks behind the show find and finance more lands to hunt. That will allow them to bring more people into the great outdoors to experience the thrill of harvesting their own meat.