Luke Laird Tells Incredible Story Behind Writing Eric Church Mega Hit ‘Drink in My Hand’

by Katie Maloney

Ten years ago Eric Church dropped his hit song “Drink in My Hand.” But what’s the story behind the song?

Even a decade after its release, “Drink in My Hand” is still a huge hit with Eric Church fans. And we get why. The song is a fun weekend anthem about washing away your work-week problems with a refreshing drink. During the song, Church sings, “Early Monday morning, til Friday at five. Man I work, work, work but I don’t climb, climb, climb. Bossman can shove that overtime up his can. All I wanna do is put a drink in my hand.”

The song spent 26 weeks on the chart and peaked in the number one spot. It was Church’s first number one song on the country chart. Additionally, “Drink in my hand” was also the debut country chart-topper for Church’s label, EMI Nashville.

But what’s the story behind the song? Songwriter Luke Laird talked with Marty Smith about co-writing with Eric Church on the latest episode of “The Road You Leave Behind.”

What’s The Story Behind Eric Church’s ‘Drink In My Hand’?

The song soared to fame in 2011 and has been one of Eric Church’s greatest hits ever since. Church co-wrote the song with songwriters Michael P. Heeney and Luke Laird. So, what inspired the song? Laird said it all started when he noticed how passionate Eric Church fans were. Laird said that he was traveling with Church when he watched one of his performances. One of the first things he noticed was how many fans were holding red solo cups.

“And I was looking at that, and Eric has these passionate fans. So as I’m watching these people and thinking about Eric and his fans, this line and melody just come to me. It’s a miracle that I didn’t just say, ‘yea, whatever,’ and not think about it. But I hear it over the music like, ‘All I want to do is put a drink in my hand.’ So I go back to the bus, Eric comes off stage. It’s me, Eric, and another songwriter, Michael Heeney.”

Laird immediately started workshopping the song. Eric Church noticed and asked Laird what he was working on. So, Laird played him the line and the melody.

“I said, ‘Honestly, I don’t know if this is good enough for a whole song or if this just a line for a song.’ And I played it for him…And he was like, ‘I love it, let’s write it.’ So, he sits down. And Eric is literally one of the best songwriters in the world…We all know he’s a great artist but the songwriting he does just blows me away,” said Laird. “So, we sit down and start cranking out these verses.”

Miranda Lambert Was Blown Away By The Song When She First Heard It

The group wrote the whole song in about an hour. Even Eric Church’s wife, Katherine, got involved.

“Eric’s wife should probably get co-writer credit for it because she’s typing everything we’re saying,” said Laird. “We had that song done in probably like an hour.”

They recorded a work tape and the next day, country superstar Miranda Lambert stopped by to say hello. During her visit, they played the song for Miranda.

“And the work tape we had the next day, Miranda Lambert had come up to the bus and we were like, ‘Check this thing out that we wrote,'” said Laird. “We play it and you can hear her at the end of the work tape saying ‘Holy sh**.”

That’s definitely one way to know you have a hit song!

Eric Church’s “Drink in My Hand”

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