Maren Morris Calls Out Societal Pressures on Mothers After Giving Birth, Shows Off Body in New Pics

by Thad Mitchell

Country music singer Maren Morris is at the top of her game with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Morris is also a new mother with her and her spouse, Ryan Hurd, welcoming their first child just last year. Hayes Andrew Hurd turned one-year-old recently with a birthday just last month. The proud mother and father are over the moon for their little boy and often post on social media about their experiences as first-time parents.

In one of her most recent social media posts, Morris speaks out on the stress put on mothers to regain their image. In the post, Morris talks about the pressure women face to get their bodies into shape after giving birth. The post was well-received by many who understand exactly where Maren Morris is coming from.

“I am never saying “trying to get my body back” again,” the country star exclaims in her Friday Instagram post. “No one took it. I didn’t lose it like a set of keys.”

Maren Morris Speaks Out on Pressure Facing New Mothers

Maren Morris goes on to explain the challenges of being a first-time parent are hard enough without social pressure. She calls the challenges facing women with young children “deeply troublesome.”

She also includes a couple of photos of herself in the post. One of the photos shows her working out while the other is more revealing, as she gives the world a glimpse at her post-birth body. It is safe to say Morris is proud of herself and her fellow new mothers.

“The pressure we put on mothers to ‘snap back’ is insurmountable and deeply troublesome,” she says.

Morris concludes the social media post by offering up support and encouragement to recent mothers trying to adjust to the pressure. The “My Church” and “I Could Use a Love Song” singer says she is proud of herself and her fellow mothers who accept the challenge.

“You are and always were a f*****g bada**,” she says with confidence. “And yeah, I’m proud.”

The post took in a lot of attention with more than 180,000 “likes” in a short amount of time. It also generates thousands of comments with several mothers thanking Morris for bringing attention to an important issue.