Maren Morris Can’t Contain Excitement After Sheryl Crow Announces Variety Award Win

by Jennifer Shea
Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA

Singer Maren Morris got giddy after Sheryl Crow announced her Variety Crossover Artist of the Year Award.

“Oh my god @SherylCrow, like I don’t already obsess over you enough,” Morris tweeted Thursday. “Thank you for presenting me this @Variety award. Nobody can define your artistry in one single word or genre. You have always been Sheryl, and I’m honored you think the same of me.”

Crow Considers Morris a Friend

In presenting the award, Crow said she first heard about Maren Morris when all the record labels were competing fiercely to sign the young singer.  

“Maren Morris got her start in country music, but she has proven to be a force in the pop world,” Crow said. “This young woman from Texas, the brilliant songwriter that she is, brings heart and soul and a wisdom beyond her years to her songs. And she adds a well-needed perspective as a young woman in the music community.”

Moreover, Crow added that Morris inspires her and that she considers Morris a friend.

“I had the most amazing phone conversation with her before I ever met her,” the pop superstar said. “[It was] about what she wanted to be in the world as she grew as an artist. Songs like ‘My Church’ already solidified her in my mind as one of the potential greats. And every day she is proving to be that.” 

A Hit Song for Everyone

Meanwhile, Morris clearly does not want to be defined by the country label. In an interview with Variety, she compared her songwriting process to that of Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and NSYNC songs. 

She said her hit song “The Bones” is “almost like a vow, saying it’s not just about butterflies and newlywed love, but being in the trenches and getting through the hardest of times.” The song has become an anthem for newlyweds and pandemic survivors alike.

“I’ve had so many people over the last several months tell me that that song has been meaningful in a worldly way to them,” Morris said. “Not just about a relationship, but their relationship to their country and to the rest of the world… It’s become a blanket prayer toward everything that we’re siphoning through right now.”