Maren Morris Celebrates 5 Years Since ‘My Church’ Release: ‘Everything I Have Is Because of This Song’

by Thad Mitchell

While she is working on new music, country music star Maren Morris still remembers the song that made her.

Morris’s star continues to rise as her adoring fan base keeps growing. Her popularity is evident by a big 2020 that saw her career skyrocket into superstardom. She was a big winner at last year’s CMA Awards show. She won awards for Female Vocalist of the Year, Single of the Year and Song of the year for “The Bones.” Her performance during the show also left country music fans buzzing about her bright future.

Morris and husband Ryan Hurd also welcomed their first child together in early 2020. Their son’s name is Hayse Andrew and like his mother, seems to be musically inclined.

Maren Morris Attributes Her Success to 2016 Song

With all of her recent success, Morris craves more as 2021 arrives. In a recent social media post, the singer looks forward by looking back at her breakout hit “My Church” released in 2016.

“I released My Church five years ago today and not even Nostradamus could predict the fiery trail I’d be white-knuckling,” she says. “Everything I have is because of this song. I don’t even wish to go back and impart any wisdom to that young girls who had more figured out then than she does now. Because she was fearless. She had no context, no set bar…only a song and a dream. I actually wish THAT girl could tell the woman I am now to chill the f**k out about the details, lose your head and lay back and enjoy the ride. I’m getting back to her.”

Morris is a big deal on social media with 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone. Her fans certainly took her message to heart as it accumulated more than 100,000 views only an hour after its posting. The post also brought in hundreds of comments congratulating the singer on all of her success in the past five years.

“My Church” was the debut single for Morris and it brought her a great deal of publicity. It was put out in January of 2016 as the lead single off of her album “Hero.” She co-wrote the song with noted late songwriter Busbee.