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Maren Morris and Husband Ryan Hurd ‘Nailed It’ in Hilarious Thanksgiving Family Photo

by Madison Miller
Photo by: John Shearer/Getty Images for CMA

Taking a picture with a baby can be all the struggle. For Maren Morris and her husband Ryan Hurd, the struggle was real.

The couple welcomed their son Hayes Andrew in March, right as the pandemic started to kick into full gear here in the U.S.

The time spent inside due to COVID-19 and the cute, yet not-so-successful, attempt at taking a group photo for his first Thanksgiving seems to capture the experience of parenting a newborn right now.


According to an interview with People, the couple lucked out in getting a pretty laid-back baby.

“Ryan and I are both pretty laid back. We kind of lucked out having a very chill baby. We’re pretty chill people, so maybe that’s reflected in our kid … We’re learning every day,” Morris said.

Since having her son about eight months ago, Morris had been hesitant to post photos of him. After receiving backlash from a photo of her and her son floating in a raft together in July.

The backlash was too much for her amidst everything else going on.

“I can take someone saying my music sucks or I’m ruining country music, but, for some reason, the mother card, I can’t emotionally handle right now,” said Morris, according to Taste of Country.

She has been advocating for women who suffer post-pregnancy. Specifically, she has talked about her feelings of sadness and loneliness, a difficult c-section, and stopping mom-shaming, especially on the internet.

Morris and Her Music

A baby isn’t the only thing Morris has been busy with during this year of quarantine and isolation.

She released the song “Better Than We Found It” earlier in the year. It has footage of Black Lives Matter Protests, two young boys that are beneficiaries of the Dream Act, and the Uncle of Daniel Hambrick who was shot by police in 2018.

The song calls out people telling her to stay quiet on politics. Altogether, many find the video to portray a striking representation of America.

“America, America, divided we fall
America, America, God save us all
From ourselves and the hell that we built for our kids
America, America, we’re better than this.”

The artist also released “Hold On” and “Craving You” this year.

Morris seems to be making good use of her quarantine time.