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Maren Morris, JP Saxe Release Video for Collab, ‘Line by Line’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

In the single from JP Saxe, Saxe and Maren Morris sweetly croon each other in the video, “Line by Line.” 

“Line by Line” served as the latest single from Saxe’s forthcoming debut album.

Based in Toronto, Saxe co-wrote the single with Morris on a recent trip to Nashville. The collab is also slated for Saxe’s upcoming album, which follows his 2020 debut, the Hold It Together EP.

The Grammy Awards also nominated Saxe for the “Song of the Year” for his 2019 single “If the World Was Ending” with Julia Michaels. 

“My first thought about this song is that it’s surreal I get to be sharing it with one of my favorite artists ever,” Saxe said in a statement. “Regarding what it’s about — as songwriters we spend a lot of our lives trying to bottle up a feeling into a song, and often, the biggest feelings, the best ones… the complicated, detailed, messy, incredible ones… just aren’t going to fit,” he added. 

“‘Line by Line’ is our recognition of that… of how one song just isn’t enough to capture it all, but how we’re just going to keep writing, futilely and lovingly, anyway.”

Maren Morris: ‘Line By Line Acts As A Promise’

Morris added to Saxe’s sentiment, saying, “I have always loved being contemplative of the artist vs. muse relationship in songs. ‘Line by Line’ acts as a promise that I’ll never be done writing about my muse in this life because he can’t be summed up in one song. 

Writing that day with JP was the most fluid, inspiring session. He’s a lyrical faucet. He threw out the line ‘immortalizing my sincerity’ and it blew my mind. I think all in all, we wrote the whole song in an hour and immediately recorded it.”

Morris is also nominated for a Grammy, with the singer up for “Best Country Song” for “The Bones.”